In a press release on March 15th, Toys”R”Us announced its plans to close all 735 stores within the US. The company made mention of a potential buyer who was considering acquiring the web business in addition to 200 of the most lucrative stores in the US. There were even rumors that Amazon was considering taking over the empty store locations to use as warehouses. But the real future of the and online business has been undetermined. . . until today.

Thanks for visiting. We have shut down the website for any purchases but our brick and mortar stores are open and holding going out of business sales. You can keep up-to-date with the sale at and liquidation-going-out-of-business-FAQs. We encourage you to stop by your local store and take full advantage of the deep discounts and deals available. Thank you for your business and support over the years.


Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us orders placed prior to Mar 30th will still be fulfilled.

Toys”R”Us FAQs state that new orders will not be taken; however, any existing orders that have already been placed will continue to be processed as normal.


The 182 stores slated to close since Jan 2018 currently have discounts at 70% off.

See the initial list of store closures from early 2018. If your store is on this list, the liquidation sale is almost over.


The remaining 553 store locations have discounts around 10-20%.

Sales began eight days ago and have held at 10-20% in most departments. We reported on the full store breakdown including baby, LEGO and American Girl sales.


The last day to redeem a Toys”R”Us gift card is April 21, 2018.

Gift cards will continue to be honored through and including April 21, 2018.


All sales are final.

Any purchases made during store closing sales (including those store closings that have been in process at certain stores for the last few months and those that are beginning on Thursday, March 22) are all final, and returns will not be accepted.

At purchase, both the UPC on the product purchased and the barcode on the receipt will be drawn through with a sharpie to prevent attempted returns.


Coupons are no longer accepted.

When liquidation sales began on March 22, 2018, coupons left. Both manufacturer coupons and Toys”R”Us loyalty, birthday and mailer coupons are no longer accepted in stores.


Baby registries are still accessible, but closure is imminent.

As of today, Toys”R”Us baby registries are still accessible online. But the Toys”R”US FAQ state:

We will not be accepting new registrants; however, existing registrants can continue to access their registries while the webstore remains open.
We encourage you to save or write down the products on your registry as soon as possible so you will have a list of those products you wanted before the registry is turned off.

Find out more about what Babies”R”Us closing means for baby registries.


See the Toys”R”Us Liquidation schedule.

Toys"R"Us Website Closes for Good