W-2s have gradually been making their way onto my front porch. Does this make me happy? No. Although the return is nice (most of the time), I despise completing paperwork. There’s also this creeping fear that I’ll have to pay an abundance of taxes or worse, that I’ll make an error when filing and that mistake will come back to haunt me tremendously in the future. I’m no accountant, and I barely understand how to read my own W-2 earnings. But with H&R‘s free app, I’m able to get peace of mind knowing that those dollar amounts on my statements are taken care of properly.

Why should I download this app?

Because you’re probably not an accountant, either. Leave it to the professionals to answer your questions. With the H&R application, you can schedule appointments with a sound tax preparer in case you get nervous. Upload documents (or photos of documents) and send them directly to a representative. Access your prior years’ returns as well as your estimated refund amount for this year. And because they know how anxious you are to get your money, check the status of your refund as often as you’d like.

Can I use this app on my iPad?

Of course, you tech-savvy person, you. The H&R app is compatible with all Android devices and iTunes.

Is it free?

It’s free until you officially file your return. Costs vary depending on how complex your return is. It’ll give you the opportunity to upgrade in-app once you input all your information, or you can always schedule an appointment to speak with someone in person. Allowing a tax preparer to file your taxes will run you about $150 (depending on complexity).

Why is this app better than the others?

Again, you’re not an accountant or a tax preparer. Having the option to meet with someone who knows her stuff is a benefit to using H&R versus other tax-filing software. A TurboTax representative can’t assure you in person. Communicate with tax preparers easily with this app, and give them the opportunity to catch any potential mistakes you made when completing your forms alone.


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