I've had an active profile on LinkedIn for a number of years now. But until very recently, I had never even thought of using LinkedIn to look for coupons and deals, let alone expert information on how to save money and even find part-time work! But it just makes sense—LinkedIn is an online haven for upwardly mobile professionals and companies that want to connect with those professionals. All of this makes LinkedIn a great resource for you to find coupons and deals!

Who joins LinkedIn 

Recent LinkedIn press indicates two new professionals join LinkedIn every two seconds. The current membership is worldwide and numbers more than 330 million, 50% of whom use mobile devices to access the site.

Four million companies and brands also maintain LinkedIn pages.

What kinds of deals are on LinkedIn 

Many of the coupons and deals you’ll find on LinkedIn are—not surprisingly—related to job hunting and professional services.

Here are some common LinkedIn coupons and deals:

  • Discounts on conference registrations.
  • Deals on resume writing and editing services.
  • Coupons for a percentage off professional seminars such as salary negotiation skills.
  • Discounts off the full cost of an annual LinkedIn Premiere membership.
  • Tips on building your small business through marketing, branding, advertising, etc.
  • Deals on books and media.
  • Local deals in your city or town.

8 Ways to find coupons, deals, and money-saving intel 

Since LinkedIn is not specifically set up to function as a site for coupons and deals, you have to get a bit savvy to find what you’re looking for. Here are eight great techniques to use (see graphics for examples of each):

1. Do targeted searches within LinkedIn.

Search on "coupons/freebies/deals/discounts" to find offers and deals from influencers that appeal to your needs and interests.

2. Take advantage of targeted sidebar ads.

Pay attention to the sidebar ads, which are often targeted to your specific profile, as you search to find LinkedIn-only specials and discounts.

3. Follow influencers.

Be sure to follow influencers and read their posts on Pulse (inside the LinkedIn platform) to find new money-saving tips and insider information.

4. Follow companies and read their newsfeeds.

Follow companies of interest to get money-saving tips and breaking news on new deals.

5. Don't forget about making an extra buck or two!

If you need some extra income, check out new job listings—for example, a couple of months ago Ibotta posted a Customer Service position (nothing like working for a deals app you love!).

6. Free giveaways.

LinkedIn is a great place to score freebies, including product samples, free service trials, and more. Often these types of offers will be listed within specific Groups on LinkedIn.

Example: Trying to conceive and blogging about it? Get free samples of a new product AND get paid if you blog about your experiences! 

7. Free training videos and e-books.

In addition to free samples, trials and white papers, LinkedIn is also a rich source of free training videos, how-to manuals, e-books and more. Most of these freebies will be listed in the "Publications" section of an individual or company's LinkedIn profile page.

Example: Want to learn how to earn extra cash by writing on the side? LittleZotz is offering a free ebook to teach you how!

8. Free webinars.

Many professionals that use LinkedIn will post free webinar invitations in their Groups and on their news feeds (through Pulse). Presenting a webinar for free helps you because you get to learn from an expert at no charge!

This is a post by Shannon from Texas.



How to Use LinkedIn to Find Coupons, Deals and Money-Saving Tips