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7 Cool (and Cheap!) Website Makers for Kids

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Whether your child’s obsessed with crafts, Roblox, or archaeology, I’m willing to bet they have a hobby or special interest they’d love to tell the world about. Fortunately, in today’s day and age, they can do just that with some adult supervision and a website maker for kids.

Website builders are great for setting up photo or video sharing sites and may give you a little more control as the parent compared to social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok. The website builders we’ve compiled have it all — from domain purchasing services to website hosting and building capabilities. While you can shop each of these services independently of each other, for a kids’ website, it’s way easier to just do all of your shopping at one stop.

Plus, the capacities your child needs are likely cheaper when bundled together rather than shopping for each one a la carte.

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How to Evaluate the Best Website Makers for Kids

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When you’re trying to find the best website builder for your child, consider four key features:

  • Ease of use
  • Website storage
  • Custom domain or subdomain
  • Safety features

Depending on your child’s skill level, odds are fairly high that you’ll want something with a drag and drop editor or easier. Luckily, there’s no shortage of free website builders that offer these features.

You’ll also want something with adequate storage for the website itself, plus any photos or videos your child may want to add.

Most free website makers come with a free domain. For example, if you have a WordPress site, the URL for a subdomain would look something like:

Usually if you want to get rid of the “wordpress” part, you have to pay a fee.

Finally, check out safety features. Most website builders offer them, but some are particularly known for their easy-to-use features. After all, you need the website maker to be easy for you to use, too, not just your kid! You can’t monitor what you don’t understand.


7 Cheap or Free Website Makers for Kids

Here are seven of the best cheap or free website makers for kids. Most sites offer a free base option, with the ability to upgrade for more storage or a custom domain. The only plan that doesn’t offer a free option starts out incredibly cheap.


1. Wix: Best for Kid-Friendly Templates

A screenshot from on a laptop

Pricing: Free for up to 500MB of storage. Plans starting at $16/month for anything larger.

Wix is a super easy to use website builder that comes complete with templates for kids. The interface is drag and drop, so there’s no coding necessary.

Wix is free for sites that only need 500MB of storage. If you go with the free option, you will have a Wix subdomain. There will be Wix ads on your site.

If you want your own domain or more storage, the next cheapest option is their Combo Premium Plan. It costs $16/month and gives you your own unique domain (free for the first year) plus 2GB of storage. This plan also removes ads from your site.



2. SITE123: Best for Easy Website Building

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Pricing: Free for up to 250MB of storage. Plans starting at $12.80/month for anything larger.

Didn’t think it could get easier than drag and drop? SITE123 proves that assumption wrong. Their point and click system means your child’s design options will be a little more limited than with a website builder like Wix, but it’ll also be a little bit simpler to build.

SITE123 does come with less storage on their free plan at just 250MB. The free plan also gives you a SITE123 subdomain and ads for SITE123 on your website.

If you opt for the next pricing tier up, it gives you your own domain, 10GB of storage, and no SITE123 banners on your website for $12.80/month.


3. Best Option for Free Storage

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Pricing: Free for up to 1GB of storage. Plans starting at $4/month after that. does allow you to toggle between different website building methods, whether you want to write code or use a drag and drop editor. It has the capacity for your child to make things as complicated as they like, but they can also keep things simple if they so choose.

We like that free accounts come with an impressive 1GB of storage. You’ll be on a subdomain and your site will have ads for

Ads will be removed with the Personal Plan, though, which costs $4/month. You also get your own domain free for the first year and 6GB of storage.


4. Weebly: Best for Kids with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Pricing: Free, though you can unlock more storage starting at $10/month.

Weebly is a simple website builder with lots of capabilities. It’s owned by Square, so even with their free plans, you can add a shop on your website. This could make it a great option if you have a budding entrepreneur on your hands.

Weebly does have a free option, but you’ll be on a subdomain. Your storage will also be limited, and there will be Square ads on your site.

You can get your own domain without the Square ads starting at $10/month, but your storage will still be limited. You can gain access to unlimited storage and other features starting at $12/month.

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5. Doodlekit: Best for Safety Features

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Pricing: Free for up to 100MB of storage. Plans start at $10/month after that.

Doodlekit is largely considered to be one of the safest website makers for kids. They’re known for their parental control features that allow you to not only see what your child’s doing, but also limit the website’s audience. You may be able to find some of these features with other website builders, but it’s the main selling point for Doodlekit.

Unfortunately, free plans max out at just 100 MB of storage. Free Doodlekit sites are also on a subdomain.

You can get your own custom domain with 3GB of storage for $10/month. Alternatively, you can opt to pay more for additional storage and features.



6. Zyro: Best for Unlimited Storage at a Low Price Point

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Pricing: Unlimited storage and custom domain starting at $2.59/month.

Zyro uses a simple drag and drop editor, so it’s great for kids. For those that are AI curious, it also has features that will use AI to generate titles, slogans, and even written content with just a little input. AI’s nowhere near perfect in its current state, but some people do enjoy playing with it.

The catch: Zyro doesn’t offer a free option, but you can access their unique features for pretty darn cheap. Plans start at $2.59/month with unlimited storage and your very own domain.

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7. Yola: Best for Intuitive Interface

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Pricing: Free for up to 1GB storage. Plans start at $5.91/month after that.

Yola has a really intuitive interface, making it great for kids. While their free package includes an incredible 1GB of storage, it only allows you to build a website with two pages, which probably isn’t enough.

The next package up costs $5.91/month. You’ll get up to 1,000 pages with this plan, which completely fixes the problem. Additionally, you receive 2GB of storage and your own custom domain rather than the subdomain you get with the free package.

But both of these options will have ads for Yola’s services on your website. You can remove those ads by bumping up to the $14/month package, which comes with 5GB of storage.

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