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Why I Buy Dollar Shave Club Over Other Razors Every Time

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Dollar Shave Club may have a new look, but their products are just as epic (and they have my heart forever).

I’m a die-hard fan for a lot of reasons (which I’ll get into), but you could sum up my love for DSC in one word: VALUE.

If you’ve been putting off buying Dollar Shave Club products because you think they’re more expensive, think again. Dollar Shave Club razors are actually more affordable than leading brands. And in my honest experience, the quality is unbeatable — like, no other razors have ever come close.

Here’s why I buy Dollar Shave Club products over other razors every time and why the value alone made me a DSC user for life:


1. The quality of Dollar Shave Club puts all other razors to shame.

The Dollar Shave Club Shave Butter and two bottles of DSC Post Shave Dew lined up on the counter behind a handful of DSC razor cartridges

I started buying Dollar Shave Club back in 2021 when I was sick of hopelessly searching for razors that really worked. I even tried a bunch of different men’s razors just to save a buck. But I wasn’t blown away, so I decided to change up my game.

I wasn’t totally committed when I bought my first DSC Starter Kit. I was ready to start all over again if I wasn’t satisfied. But to my surprise, I hit the jackpot.

No razor burn, bumps, patchy spots, or rashy irritation. I had silky smooth skin that didn’t make me want to wear long pants in the middle of summer. And honestly, for me to want to show off my skin and not feel self-conscious about it was a VERY big win.


2. Dollar Shave Club has a simple line of products, which makes it easy to choose the right fit off the bat.

I tried razors that promised the closest shave, touted gentle qualities for sensitive skin, or claimed to offer a “comfortable glide” or an “extra smooth finish.” I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between any of them, and many were from the same brand. It was frustrating to have all these options that swore to be better for one use over the other, yet none of them fulfilled their claim to fame.

Dollar Shave Club makes things easy with a no-B.S. buying process. You choose between 6-blade or 4-blade razors. Either way, you get a quality shave. They don’t package one product different from another just to make it seem more appealing. It only took me a week with the 6-Blade Starter Kit to realize they were just good-quality razors that lived up to their promise.

Here’s a taste of what Dollar Shave Club has to offer:

An infographic showing a list of Dollar Shave Club's razor products, including the 6-blade and 4-blade starter kit and the 6-blade and 4-blade refill cartridges
ONLINE or In-Store Deal
Price Summary
Includes one razor handle and two 6-blade refills
ONLINE or In-Store Deal
Price Summary
Includes one razor handle and two 4-blade refills

3. Dollar Shave Club prices are consistently lower than others (so I don’t even bother).

I’m usually willing to pay a bit more for better products. Buying things at low prices hasn’t always saved me money in the end, so I’ll make the sacrifice when there’s a big difference in quality. But no such sacrifice was necessary when I switched to Dollar Shave Club.

Dollar Shave Club prices are lower than the leading brands that failed me before, so I actually ended up saving money by switching to a product I could rely on time and time again.

I compared the prices of Dollar Shave Club’s 6-blade and 4-blade razors to their closest Gillette match. Most Gillette razors are 5-blade or 3-blade, so while there isn’t an exact match, the prices still speak for themselves.

A graphic comparing the prices of Dollar Shave Club 6-blade and 4-blade razors to Gillette's 5-blade and 3-blade razors, showing that Dollar Shave Club razors are cheaper across the board

Dollar Shave Club’s 6-blade razors still cost less than Gillette’s 5-blade razors, and their 4-blade razors cost less than Gillette’s 3-blade razors.


4. I don’t have to pay more than I should for “female” razors.

Ever heard of the Pink Tax? Well, it’s not actually a “tax.” It refers to the price differences between men’s and women’s products and how women’s often cost more than men’s — even for the same items.

Take razors for example. Women’s razor cartridges cost a whopping 25% more than men’s. And I’m talking about items that are made the same way. In other words, they’re identical except for their color and price. Honestly, I’d rather stop shaving altogether than overpay for razors just because of their pink packaging.

This is a huge part of why I buy Dollar Shave Club products, which aren’t geared toward either gender. They’re just good, high-quality razors that anyone can buy, at prices even leading brands can’t beat. And that’s love.


5. The DSC Shave Butter is my personal favorite and a must-have for sensitive skin.

A bottle of the Dollar Shave Club Shave Butter on a bathroom countertop

I have super sensitive skin. Like, if I wash my sheets with the wrong detergent I get an itchy rash all over my legs. It’s a big reason why I love Dollar Shave Club so much, but I think the Shave Butter is my absolute top pick.

Imagine your favorite skin lotion but with incredible shaving powers — that’s what it’s like using the DSC Shave Butter. It’s specifically formulated to be gentle on your skin and help soften hair for a smooth, irritation-free glide. Also, my skin doesn’t instantly dry up after getting out of the shower. It hydrates and nourishes my skin like lotion but helps my razor do the best job possible like shaving cream. It’s a win-win.

Dollar Shave Club also has a Shave Cream, which I haven’t tried, but the reviews are impressive. Here’s how the two compare:

A graphic showing Dollar Shave Club's Shave Butter ($6.97) and Shave Cream ($6.97) explaining the features and benefits of each

6. I save even more on Dollar Shave Club with Shopkick rewards.

three smartphones showing the process for earning kicks on Dollar Shave Club products from Walmart by scanning the barcode and submitting your reecipts in the Shopkick app

Saving money on top of DSC’s already low prices? You don’t have to ask me twice. Dollar Shave Club won me over well before I discovered the Shopkick rewards, but it was the cherry on top of the perfect sundae.

If you’ve never heard of Shopkick, it’s an easy way to earn rewards on everyday purchases, including Dollar Shave Club products from Walmart. By scanning barcodes and submitting receipts through the Shopkick app, you’ll earn “kicks,” which you can redeem for free gift cards to top stores. The best part? You can earn up to 2,750 kicks just for buying Dollar Shave Club products.

How to earn kicks on Dollar Shave Club products

  1. First, download the Shopkick app (iOS / Android) and create an account.
  2. Search for Walmart to find Dollar Shave Club products (the DSC Starter Kits, Refills, Shave Butter, and Shave Cream are all eligible).
  3. Scan the barcode of each DSC product you purchase to earn 10 kicks per product.
  4. Submit your receipt for each DSC product you purchase for 350 – 800 kicks per product.

Once you have enough kicks, you can redeem them for free gift cards to PayPal, Starbucks, Amazon, Apple, Target, and so much more.


The Bottom Line

I hate doing math, but this math is easy — between the quality products, affordable prices, and rewards on every purchase, buying Dollar Shave Club is truly a no-brainer. So if you’ve spent too much money and time trying to find a razor that really works (like me), you have absolutely nothing to lose. Once you go DSC, you won’t ever look back.


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