I think anything that saves me money and helps me decide what’s for dinner is #winning. So, when I discovered the Pillsbury email newsletter, it felt like I’d hit the jackpot. I gained access to recipes, tips, coupons, video tutorials, and even free products.

To sign up for the email, all I had to do was go to the website and enter my birthday, zip code, and email, and select a password. That’s it!

I opted for daily delivery of the newsletter (you can choose to only get a weekly or seasonal email, if daily isn’t your thing) because it keeps me from straining my brain to come up with meal ideas every day. I love the drool-worthy recipes that show up in my inbox, and I’m an even bigger fan of the fact that they are usually fast and simple to make, but are a step (or fifty) up from the “gourmet” chicken nuggets or cereal I tend to use as my go-to dinner cop outs.

Coupons aplenty

The newsletter also gives me coupons for Pillsbury goods, and a quick trip to the Pillsbury recipe website gives me access to even more.

HINT: Not all of the coupons are for food items. There are also great coupons for things in all product categories.

If I go to my profile on the site, I can even link my store loyalty cards and load the coupons directly onto them. Nothing to clip, print, or carry seems like a dream come true.

FREE eBook

If you can’t wait to receive your emails to start planning your meals, Pillsbury has you covered there too. I was pleasantly surprised to find a link for a free gift, a recipe eMagazine, in my “Welcome” email. This page-turner (literally! I clicked and the pages turned) is a full-color booklet with 121 of Pillsbury’s best recipes. My favorite part is that EVERY. SINGLE. RECIPE. has a photo with it, and comes with a tip on how to make or serve it. The less I have to think about things, the better. Pillsbury totally gets me.

Honestly, I think the only way Pillsbury could make my life any easier would be if they sent you the newsletter and then you invite me over for dinner. (It was worth a shot!)

One Awesome Way to Get Free Coupons and Recipes You'll Actually Use