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McDonald's Discontinuing Cinnamon Rolls, Apple Fritters & Blueberry Muffins From Menu

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McDonald’s menu items are always coming and going. Much like the McDonald’s all-day breakfast, there are more things being shown the door at the Golden Arches. There’s a rumor that three McDonald’s bakery items will be joining the discontinued menu on July 15. These include cinnamon rolls, apple fritters, and blueberry muffins. So they’re basically wiping out the McCafe bakery line.

If you have a sweet tooth, these discontinued McDonald’s menu items are a major bummer. We’re doing a deep dive into other things that have been shown the door, and whether you can expect to see them again in the near future. Moreover, we’ve got McDonald’s hacks that you should know to save on all your orders.

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Cinnamon Rolls, Apple Fritters, and Blueberry Muffins are being discontinued on July 15.

Mcdonalds bakery items, cinnamon roll with icing, blueberry muffin and an apple fritter

According to a McDonald’s representative, the McDonald’s McCafe bakery line is phasing out at all locations. This includes cinnamon rolls (priced at $2.69 each), apple fritters (regularly $2.39), and blueberry muffins (usually $2.29). If rumors online are true, McDonald’s will stop receiving shipments of the baked goods on July 15.

However, that means you’ll still be able to enjoy the bakery treats until your location runs out of those items.

Related: There’s anew McDonald’s Cookies & Creme Pie releasing on July 14.


Several McDonald’s breakfast items have already been discontinued — including bagels and parfaits.

mccafe items on tray

The McCafe items aren’t the only McDonald’s breakfast items to get the ax. In the past few years, they have slowly given the old heave-ho to a large number of their breakfast menu.

Here are a few of the McDonald’s breakfast itemswe hope to see again one day:

  • Bagels (discontinued in 2022)
  • Parfait (discontinued in 2020)
  • Cinnamon Melts (discontinued around 2016 – 2020, depending on your store)
  • Eggs Benedict McMuffin (discontinued around 2016)
  • Fruit and Walnut Salad (discontinued in 2013)


McDonald’s salads are no longer on the menu.

In 2020, McDonald’s got rid of several different menu items including salads. McDonald’s salads arrived on the menu in 1987, enduring several iterations. But in 2020, there were only two salads you could get: Bacon Ranch Salad with Crispy Chicken and the Southwest Salad with Artisan Chicken.

McDonald’s says they have no plans to bring salads back.


Remember these discontinued McDonald’s burgers and sandwiches?

McDonald’s has tried many different variations of their burgers and sandwiches throughout the years. However only a few of have staying power. Many of them were discontinued due to the lack of popularity. That said, you might still be able to find a few at select McDonald’s locations.

Here are the discontinued McDonald’s burgers and sandwiches put out to pasture:

  • The Angus Burger (discontinued in 2013)
  • Big n’ Tasty Burger (discontinued in 2011)
  • Son of Mac (discontinued in the 2010s)
  • McLobster (discontinued in the early 2000s. Still available in Canada and New England)
  • Arch Deluxe (discontinued in 1996)
  • McDLT (discontinued in 1991)
  • The McHotDog (discontinued in the late 90s)
  • Chopped Beefsteak Sandwich (discontinued in the early 80s)
  • Cheddar Melt (discontinued in 1988 and 2004)
  • Hula Burger (discontinued in 1963)



Here are the rest of the McDonald’s discontinued menu items.

Three angus burgers

Take a trip down memory lane with more discontinued McDonald’s menu items. These didn’t last because they were simply too niche. However, most of these items have had petitions to bring them back. A few did enjoy a re-release.

  • McWraps (discontinued in 2020)
  • Hot Mustard Sauce (discontinued in 2014)
  • Fish McBites (discontinued in 2013)
  • Mighty Wings (discontinued in 2013)
  • McStuffins (discontinued in 1993)
  • McSpaghetti (discontinued in the 80s)
  • Mulan Schezuan Sauce (discontinued in 1988. Brought back to menus in 2017, 2018, and 2022)
  • McPizza (discontinued in the 2000s)
  • Chicken Fajitas (discontinued in the early 90s)
  • Onion Nuggets (discontinued in 1984)
  • Sweet Chili Sauce (info unavailable)
  • McSoup (info unavailable)

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