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There are regular old dollar stores, and then there’s Five Below. Sure, it’s not technically a dollar store, but since most of the items there are under $5, it’s the next best thing. Five Below offers a wide range of inexpensive items, from kids’ toys to snacks to household decor. All of it comes in at a truly impressive price point — that’s why we love tracking Five Below new arrivals.

Another perk of shopping there is that they constantly offer new inventory. It can be overwhelming, but some items are more worth it than others. Below is a list of the best Five Below new arrivals that you need to snatch up before they’re gone. And remember, some of their more premium items cost more than $5 but usually never over $20 or $25.

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Five Below New Arrivals


1. Naruto LED Gaming Headphones with Mic

It can be tough to find a pair of decent headphones for an inexpensive price, which makes these Naruto LED Gaming Headphones ($10) so special. They have a red light-up design and an adjustable mic that allows you to communicate with your team. It also comes with an extra comfort head and ear cushion. For only $10, this is sure to go fast.

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2. Grafix Sensory Sand Pals Plush Squishy Toy

These adorable Grafix Sensory Sand Pals Plush Squishy Toys ($5) are a perfect handheld size. You can get the set of five for $25 or just one for $5. They’re outer space themed, and each one is cuter than the next.

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3. Winter Squishmallows

Whether you’re shopping for a toddler or an older kid, they would probably love a Winter Squishmallow ($5.95). These are all in a wintery theme: there’s a dog with a scarf, a moose all bundled up, a cat with a little hat, and more. Since Squishmallows can be found for $20 or more sometimes, $6 is an excellent deal.

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4. Funko Pop Movies Legally Blonde Elle Vinyl Figure

Legally Blonde will never get old, so this Funko Pop Elle Figure ($5.95) is really cute, especially for someone who is a big fan of the movie. Funko Pop figures can usually be closer to $10, so the $6 price point is pretty great.


5. Retro Uno Iconic Series 1990s Card Game

A card game makes a perfect small gift or stocking stuffer. This Retro Uno Iconic Series 1990s Card Game ($5) features 1990s designs on every card, meaning millennials will get a kick out of it.

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6. White Faux Leather Roller Skates

You really can’t beat the deal offered for these White Faux Leather Roller Skates ($25). They’re less than $30, whereas similar versions of them can be found online for $35 to $50. These are for kids and have a fun retro design to them.

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7. Cobra Flyer Remote Control Helicopter

This Cobra Flyer Remote Control Helicopter ($5) is another cute and inexpensive gift. It’s a toy that seems so simple but can actually offer hours of fun. It can fly up to three feet in the air and comes with rechargeable batteries.

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8. Hello Kitty Paint-Your-Own Nesting Dolls Craft

When it comes to buying toys that will keep kids busy, you can’t go wrong with arts and crafts. This Hello Kitty Paint-Your-Own Nesting Dolls Craft ($5) comes with five prepainted nesting dolls and eight different paints so they can get really creative.


9. Hello Kitty Doodle Water Bottle Set

Another cute craft option is this Hello Kitty Doodle Water Bottle Set ($5). The water bottle is plain so it can be decorated, and the set comes with that and four marker pens, a sheet of gemstones, and a surprise gift bag for extra fun.

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10. Pulse LED Portable Bluetooth Clip-On Speaker

Portable speakers can get pricey, but this Pulse LED Portable Bluetooth Clip-On Speaker ($6) is only $6, which is a really amazing price. It clips on to whatever you need it to, like a backpack, making it ideal for travel. It also has five LED light modes.


11. Frameless Dry-Erase Weekly Calendar

Dry-erase calendars are one of those things you didn’t think you needed until you got one. This Frameless Dry-Erase Weekly Calendar ($3.75) is under $5 and will quickly become a staple. It comes with a magnet and mounting strips to hang wherever and a dry erase marker. It erases clean easily and can be used for important reminders, grocery lists, and more.

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12. Hatchimals Colleggtibles 2-Pack Blind Bag Figures

This set of Hatchimals Colleggtibles Blind Bag Figures ($5) makes such a cute gift for a little kid. It comes with two eggs that can be cracked open to reveal a surprise item, which makes this a lot of fun to open up.


13. Pro Rider Kids’ Folding Light-Up Scooter

If you look around online, you’ll see similar versions of this Pro Rider Kids’ Folding Light-Up Scooter ($20) for $30 or more. This is a great price point for a gift any kid would love. It folds easily to make it portable and simple to store, the wheels flash different colors, and the height is adjustable so that it can grow with your kids.


14. Fabric Storage Bin with Handles

If you’re looking to store some smaller items around the house, this Fabric Storage Bin ($5.55) is a good choice. It features a simple black and white design, so it will work almost anywhere. It can hold toys, books, or other items, and the handles make it convenient to carry around.


15. Cool Gear 64-Ounce Water Bottle Jug

Why spend upwards of $50 on a water bottle when you could spend just $5 on this Cool Gear 64-Ounce Water Bottle Jug ($5)? It comes in a few different colors and holds almost enough water you need to drink in an entire day. The handle on it makes it easy to tote around.

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16. Kaleidoscope Dinosaurs, Dragons, Robots, and More Coloring Kit

Gift someone this Kaleidoscope Coloring Kit ($5) or just grab it to keep your little ones busy. It’s a coloring book with 30 pages to fill in, and it comes with markers to get the job done.


17. Mini Bluetooth Portable Printer

How many times do you take photos on your phone and then never end up doing anything with them? This Mini Bluetooth Portable Printer ($20) is a really low price point compared to other options out there. It allows you to instantly print photos from your phone so you can save them or hang them up.


18. Monster Smart Illuminessence Prism 3D LED Art Panels 4-Pack Starter Kit

These unique Monster Smart Illuminessence Prism 3D LED Art Panels ($15) are a fun way to add some light and color to your room. These have 15 different light modes and are easy to use and install.


19. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Color-Changing LED Lights

Where else are you going to find something like this Robotic Vacuum Cleaner ($25) for under $30? This one really works, and it has fun LED lights that change color and give a little show as it cleans the floors.


20. Piggy Ultimate Bundle with 8 Surprises

This Piggy Ultimate Bundle ($20) can be found elsewhere for nearly $30, so save some money and grab it at Five Below. It’s great for gamers since it’s full of cool collectibles to play with and display.

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21. Titan Comfort Massage Chair Pad

Feeling uncomfortable on a constant basis? Grab this Titan Comfort Massage Chair Pad ($15) for a really great price point. Place it on any chair to get a little massage that feels soothing and relaxing.

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22. The Tarot Journal

This Tarot Journal ($5) is a fun and convenient way to track your readings and the cards that you pull. It allows you to keep track of everything over time so that you can get more insight and see what changes.

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23. Sound Rebound LED Color-Changing Bluetooth Speaker

Here’s another amazing speaker deal; this Sound Rebound LED Color-Changing Bluetooth Speaker ($7) costs less than $10 and makes it easy to listen to your favorite music. There are color-changing LED lights, and it’s wireless.


24. The Happiness & Contentment Workbook

This guided journal is a nice way to start the day. The Happiness & Contentment Workbook ($5) has prompts to get you writing, info and facts that are interesting to read, and blank space to write whatever you want.

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25. Alchemy Living Towel Pillow Cover

This innovative Alchemy Living Towel Pillow Cover ($5) is ideal for anyone who washes their hair before bed. Made of a super-absorbent microfiber, it will help dry your hair while you’re sleeping so that you’re not as uncomfortable.

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25 Five Below New Arrivals You Should Grab Now