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Home Depot Animatronics: What to Expect for Next Year's Lineup

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Now that Halloween is in the books, it’s time we say goodbye to Skelly (for the last time) and look forward to next year’s Home Depot animatronics lineup. What characters will return? What characters will follow Skelly and never come back? Although we don’t know specifics for the 2024 collection just yet, we can take a look at what we saw in 2023 for an idea of what we can expect next year.

In 2023, most of Home Depot’s animatronics floated in and out of stock constantly and the only discounts Home Depot offered were toward the end of the season. We saw a $50 discount on the 7-Foot Animated THD 3000 and towering Ghost. Eventually, all animatronics, even the 12-foot Jack Skellington, were 50% off. Here’s a look back at the 2023 lineup and what we expect to see in 2024.

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Home Depot dropped their 2023 Halloween lineup on July 13, 2023.

Home Depot dropped their Halloween lineup, with a limited supply of characters, including the Home Depot skeleton and the pumpkin head skeleton, on July 13, 2023.

  • 12-Foot Giant Sized Skeleton (aka Skelly) $299
  • 12-Foot Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton 379
  • 13-Foot Giant-Sized Animated Jack Skellington $399
  • 12-Foot Giant-Sized Towering Ghost $349
  • 12.5-Foot-Wide Animated Predator of the Night 349
  • 6-Foot Black Skeleton Horse with LED Lights $229
  • 12-Foot Skeleton RGB LED Lighting Kit $29.98


Home Depot sold other Halloween giant creatures, too.

giant Halloween decorations from Home Depot

In 2023, we found several other larger-than-life animatronic Halloween creatures. However, none reached Skelly’s level of fanfare. Here were some of the taller additions for 2023:

  • 8-Foot Animated Smoldering Reaper of Souls $249
  • 7-Foot Animated THD 3000 $279
  • 7-Foot Animated Lethal Lily Witch $249
  • 7-Foot Animated Swamp Scarecrow $129
  • 5-Foot LED Bubbling Cauldron $99
  • 8-Foot Animated Boogeyman $199
  • 12-Foot Animated Hovering Witch $299
  • 6.5-Foot Animated LED Rocking Chair Swamp Fisherman $74.50
  • 6-Foot Animated Illuminated Wizard Halloween Animatronic $199
  • 5.5-Foot Animated Sitter of Souls $99
  • 8-Foot Giant-Sized Spider $149.50
  • 6-Foot Animated Dean the Deathologist $149
  • 5.5-Foot Animated Marie the Maid $149
  • 6-Foot Animated Spellcasting Witch $99
  • 6-Foot Animated Giant Green Dragon $399
  • 6.5-Foot Animated Gravedigger $199


Home Depot offered smaller Skelly Skeletons for those with limited space.

If you live in an apartment or got a small space Home Depot had smaller versions of Skelly last year. Home Depot offered a six-pack of 5-foot skeletons for half the price of a 12-foot Skelly. Yep. For $149 you could get 30 feet of skeleton for $5 per foot of height, versus Skelly’s $25 per foot.

  • 5-Foot Poseable Skeleton with LED Eyes (6-Pack) $149
  • 3-Foot LED Skeleton $39.98


Other smaller animatronic creatures were available at Home Depot as well in 2023.

Whether you were looking for a smaller companion to keep your Skelly company or just wanting smaller spooky critters, Home Depot had them in 2023!

  • 2-Foot Animated LED Decayed Skeleton Dog $39.98
  • 3-Foot Animated LED Interactive Devil Pumpkin Twins, (Set of 2) $89.98
  • 3-Foot Animated LED Haunted Dolls (Set of 2) $79.98
  • 3-Foot Animated LED Potion Witch (Set of 2) $79.98
  • 4.5-Foot Animated Sinister Steve $89.98


You could buy an extra large storage bag for your large Home Depot animatronics.

Of course, storing your animatronics in their box is an excellent way to protect them when not on display. However, if you need a way to store your large animatronics, besides in their box, Home Depot has several storage bags that may fit. Here’s one option that Home Depot recommends for storing large animatronics.

  • Black 25 in. x 55 in. Storage Bag for Large Animatronics $19.99

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How much is the 12-foot skeleton from Home Depot?

Some giant Home Depot skeletons standing in a line

Skelly had a $299 price tag. The Home Depot skeleton, introduced in July 2020 at and in stores a month later, belonged to the Home Accents Holiday line. In addition to its menacing height and eerie eyes, Skelly has a few other features:

  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • Posable arms
  • Timer function: 6 hours on/18 hours off
  • Water-resistant
  • Operated by battery and adaptor or plug-in

Note: Assembly requires two to three people and takes one to two hours.


You can dress up your Skelly year-round.

One of the best things about Skelly is you can dress him up to fit any holiday. Here are some of our favorites if you want to leave him up past Halloween:

Or you can also learn to make your own outfits like this Grinch one:


Part 1 of 12ft skeleton grinch costume! Making the pants. #12ftskeleton #grinch #12ftskeletonclub #12ftskeletoncostume #diy #fyp

♬ Pop and bright Christmas songs – G-axis sound music


How to care for Skelly the Skeleton:

The giant skeleton from Home Depot on a spooky Halloween set

Home Depot recommends storing Skelly back in the box when not in use. Be sure to take pictures as you take parts out for assembly so you can remember how they go back in. If your skeleton gets dirty, use a nonabrasive brush and wash it with mild soap and water. Rinse off with a garden hose. Don’t use bleach or a power washer, as both can damage the skeleton bones. Although Skelly is water resistant, if you’re expecting windy weather, lay your Skelly on the ground.


Can I get replacement parts for my Home Depot skeleton?

Yes, if your Skelly loses a limb or other part, you can contact Home Depot for replacement parts via email at Be sure to include the following:

  • Your name and shipping address
  • Name of the decor
  • Purchase date
  • Store where you bought it
  • Model number (if you have it)
  • Photo or video (if you think it’ll help explain the issue)

Not happy with your 12-foot Home Depot skeleton? You can return it, according to the Home Depot return policy.

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How to find Skelly, the Home Depot skeleton:

The giant skeleton from Home Depot on a spooky Halloween set

Now that Home Depot will no longer carry the viral Home Depot skeleton, he’s definitely harder to find than the latest Squishmallows). At 12 feet tall, Skelly is one Halloween animatronic decoration that towers above pretty much everything.

And, with 4.7 stars from over 1,100+ reviews, Skelly remains the talk of TikTok and one of the most popular of all the Home Depot Halloween items over the last few years. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to the $299 12-foot-tall Home Depot skeleton in 2023.

Although Skelly the skeleton is no longer, we have several tips that might help you get hold of your favorite Home Depot animatronics in time for next Halloween.

Note: Any dates and times below from 2023 may vary next year.

Can I preorder Home Depot animatronics?

Sorry, Home Depot doesn’t have preorders for their animatronics.

Can I order the Home Depot animatronics online?

Yes. When in stock, all of Home Depot’s animatronics are available for various delivery options, including store pickup and shipping. Be aware that the boxes for animatronics are huge and very heavy. For example, Skelly came in a box that was 41″x44″x29″ and weighed about 93 pounds, of which 60 pounds was Skelly.

Sign up for in-stock alerts for the animatronics you want to track.

Be sure to sign up to get an email alert for any of the gigantic creatures you want to grab as soon as they’re in stock. Unfortunately, since these items sell out so fast, we’ve heard the alert may not get to you until after they’re out of stock again. Just in case, we’ve got a few other options.

Call your local store for in-stock information.

Many searchers say they get lucky by calling nearby locations for in-stock information when shows animatronics are out of stock online.

Search for the Home Depot animatronics in different areas of the store.

Like some Halloween fans, you may find animatronics in various places in store, such as the outdoor furnishings and indoor plant sections. If you do shop in-store for animatronics (and you live near a Menards), make sure you keep your receipt and submit it for a Home Depot 11% rebate!

Check online when Home Depot drops their new lineup in July.

In 2023, a new stock of Home Depot’s Moonlit Magic collection dropped (online only) on July 13. Items from the Home Depot Halloween collection weren’t available in stores until the end of August/beginning of September.

Watch for a few other restock dates.

In addition to the release in July, Home Depot also shared the following back-in-stock dates in 2023:

  • Aug. 17, 2023
  • April 27, 2023

Follow Home Depot on Twitter and Facebook.

Follow Home Depot on Facebook and Twitter to catch in-stock alerts.

Join Facebook Home Depot skeleton fan groups.

If you’re specifically looking for Skelly, he’s made his rounds on social media over the last few years, with several groups and fan pages dedicated to the 12-foot tall skeleton. Members of Skelly Facebook fan groups and pages often share where you can find one for sale. You may also find other animatronics for sale cheaper than on sites like eBay. Here are a few Facebook groups you may want to follow or join:

Buy Skelly on eBay.

If all else fails and you desperately want your Skelly, 56 of them are available on eBay for $150 – $900 over the original $299 store price.

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