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Is Depop Legit? Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy or Sell

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You’ve might’ve already heard about Depop by now. But if you’re not familiar, you can think of it like a Facebook marketplace or an online vintage store. It’s an app and online platform where people create their own online stores to sell their unique and pre-loved fashion items, accessories, and vintage goods. However, since these pieces are second-hand, sold by third-party sellers, many people wondering: Is Depop legit?

Since being founded in 2021, countless shoppers have used Depop every day to buy and sell their clothes and other personal items. In fact, the app has over 470,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating.

So yes, Depop is legit. It’s a sustainable way to recycle clothes while letting sellers make a small profit. You just got to shop smart.

Ahead, I’ll break down exactly what that means for you as well as how you can buy things for cheap and sell things to make more money. Plus, I’ll give you tips for how to successfully shop on Depop — aka save money — and you won’t want to miss them.

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A Little About Depop

A close up on a phone sitting on top of a Depop bag, displaying the Depop app

Depop (pronounced DEE-pop) is a popular online marketplace where people can buy and sell new and used fashion, beauty, and lifestyle items. It started in 2011 and gained popularity when more people got into selling their clothes. You can access it from their mobile app and website — both are easy to use. Once you’re on it, you can create your own storefront where you can buy and sell items.

The thing people like most about Depop is that it’s essentially like an online community where you can connect, follow, and chat with other buyers and sellers. Aside from being able to shop locally from your own peers, I find that you can also shop unique pieces from sellers across the country.


Why is Depop cheap?

Depop is cheap for a few reasons.

  1. First off, it has secondhand and pre-owned items.
  2. Depop has independent sellers (as opposed to companies or large brands) who generally keep their costs low. Read: You can find good deals.
  3. Lastly, people can negotiate prices, which can bring the overall costs down. This means you might be able to get something for cheaper than its listing price.

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Is Depop ethical?

Someone taking a photo of a hat to list it for sale on Depop

Depop is often considered ethical since it focuses on sustainability and the resale of preowned items. (Buying used items ultimately reduces waste.) By supporting the reuse of fashion items, Depop helps combat the environmental impact of fast fashion.


Why Do People Think Depop Is a Scam?

For one, it’s an online marketplace where the consumers are the sellers.

As with any online marketplace where people are selling things, there’s always a risk that you could encounter a seller who’s fake or dishonest. (This is also why people think Etsy is a scam.) Essentially, people are scared that someone is going to lie about a product and take their money, which makes them think Depop is a scam. However, this doesn’t happen as often as you might think. Plus, Depop has a customer service support page, so if you ever run into a problem, you can reach out there.


Secondly, some people have had issues with orders.

Since Depop is run by individual sellers, some people have had issues with communication, shipping delays, and difficulties with refunds or returns over time. But, this primarily depends on the seller you buy things from. To tell if someone is legitimate, you can go to their seller page and see if they have reviews. If they have good reviews, there’s a very high chance they’re a real seller who won’t leave you in a pickle. A lot of the same rules apply to avoiding Facebook Marketplace scams.


Lastly, counterfeit or fake items have been sold on Depop, which has made people wary.

Again, depending on the seller, people can, unfortunately, get counterfeit or fake items on Depop. However, it’s important to keep in mind that while this can occur, it doesn’t reflect the overall legitimacy of Depop as a platform. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, take precautions including researching the sellers you want to buy from and reading reviews (I always do this). Check to make sure that the seller includes pictures of the item’s labels. You can also reach out to Depop’s customer service if you need to.



So … Is Depop Legit or Not?

Someone browsing the Depop app

Overall, Depop is legit — but shop with caution.

Because Depop is run by individual sellers, it’s important to shop smart, and with caution. This means looking into the seller you want to buy from (just check out their page and read reviews). It’s also important to not share personal information with anyone on the site unless you’re doing business with them. (Depop allows you to chat with people on the site, so just be careful not to share any personal information).


I’ve never had any issues when I bought or sold things on Depop.

Someone holding up a Depop package

I like to clean out my closet every few months and sell my items on Depop. I’ve never had any issues with buyers, and I usually get more money for items that I sell on Depop, as opposed to items I sell to second-hand stores like Buffalo Exchange. Plus, when I bought things on Depop in the past, I didn’t run into any issues. I got my items for good prices and they came in a reasonable amount of time.


I was able to save 70% on Crocs by shopping at Depop.

You know how Crocs retail for $49.99 before sales and discounts? I was able to score a pair for just $15, which is nearly 70% off the original ticket price. Even now, you can find Crocs for as low as $7.50 on the app.

The next time you’re in the market for a specific item or brand, head to Depop first to see what might be in stock.


Tips for Shopping at Depop

1. Research the sellers.

Before buying anything, take some time to research the seller. You can read their reviews and ratings from previous buyers to ensure they seem reliable. This is important since it’ll ensure you don’t buy stuff from bad, fake, or unreliable sellers.

2. Carefully read item descriptions.

Take this from me: It’s important to pay close attention to the item descriptions of the products you want to buy. This is because when you read closely, you’ll be able to know exactly what you’re getting including the product’s condition, size, and any potential flaws. (These are second-hand items after all.)

3. Communicate with the seller you’re buying from.

If you have any questions or need additional information about an item, don’t hesitate to reach out to the seller. You can use the messaging feature to ask questions, inquire about specifics, and more.

4. Check out the seller’s shipping and return policies.

Familiarize yourself with the seller’s shipping and return policies before you buy anything. This way, if you want to return the item, you won’t run into many major issues. Plus, be sure to check out estimated shipping times and ask whether tracking information will be provided. This way you’ll be able to gauge when your product will come.

5. Be sure to use secure payment methods.

Depop offers secure payment options such as PayPal, which provides buyer protection. It’s generally recommended (and very smart) to make payments through the platform rather than using alternative methods (like Venmo or checks). This way you’ll be protected in case something unexpected happens.



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