People are freaking out at the announcement that one of the best Starbucks drinks of all time — the Pumpkin Spice Latte — will make its 2018 debut on Aug. 28.

Too early? Who cares! Here’s what you need to know, pumpkin:


Vats of PSL “sauce” have already arrived at your local store.

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Employees have documented the presence of pumpkin spice as early as July 31.

It’s happening.


This isn’t the earliest Starbucks has ever released the PSL.

While some people on the interwebs are screaming about how Aug. 28 is #toosoon for a fall drink, Starbucks actually started serving them Aug. 25 — three days earlier — in 2014.


The “official” launch date will likely be sometime in September.

Since 2011, Starbucks has not so quietly served PSLs to rabid customers four days to a week before its official launch date — which usually lands somewhere around Sept. 1.


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The PSL is Starbucks’ top seller — as in, like, $80 million a year.

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That outsells other big-name beverages like the Eggnog Latte and Peppermint Mocha.



You can have it whenever you want (if you make it yourself).

We know how to make this (and 17 other Starbucks drinks) at home.


Need more pumpkin spice right now? There are all sorts of spinoffs.

We just learned pumpkin spice pizza is a thing. So are similarly flavored tortilla chips, air fresheners and deodorant. We’ve got some pumpkin recipes, too.

What a time to be alive.


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Bust Out the Sweaters: Starbucks' PSL Returns Early