Not only is it fun to visit IKEA to see how they furnish tiny houses, but it’s fun to find cheap, good-looking furniture that’s functional.

If you’re looking for ways to save on IKEA, you’ve come to the right place. IKEA discount codes, IKEA free shipping, IKEA clearance and IKEA free delivery are all within your reach.


1. Join IKEA FAMILY to get exclusive discounts.

Signing up for IKEA FAMILY is free and totally worth it.

Every month, IKEA places a new section of products on sale at member-only prices. This can be anything from bed frames to kitchen accessories. You must present your IKEA FAMILY card to get these discounts.

To stay up to date on current member-only offers in your area, check the store’s website before heading out on your next shopping trip.


2. Get IKEA credit when you sell your used furniture back to them.

Thanks to the brand-new IKEA buyback program, it’s easier to trade-out and trade-up your IKEA furniture.

They’ll buy back “gently used” IKEA furniture by giving customers store credit. How much you get in credit depends on the age of the furniture, the condition it’s in and other factors. Some categories like dressers, won’t be eligible.

IKEA has been testing out the program in select markets, but throughout November and December 2021, they’re doing buyback at all U.S. stores. If the program is successful, expect it to become a permanent fixture at IKEA.


3. Request a price adjustment up to 90 days after purchase.

IKEA has, by far, one of the best price adjustment policies we’ve seen. Instead of the typical 2-week time period other stores offer, you’ll have up to 90 days to request a refund if an item you’ve purchased goes on sale. That’s huge!

The item must have been purchased with a free IKEA FAMILY loyalty card to qualify for this price protection.


4. Kids eat free in the cafe on Tuesdays.

Bringing kiddos along on your next shopping trip? Plan to visit on a Tuesday. When you do, you’ll get 2 free Kids’ Meals with the purchase of an adult entree. You must present an IKEA FAMILY card at checkout to take advantage of this deal.



5. Find the best deals in the “As-is” section.

Tucked away by the checkout area, you’ll notice IKEA’s infamous “As-is” section. It’s basically the clearance area.

This is where you’ll find returned, damaged, and previously displayed items marked as much as 50% off original prices. Shopping in this section is the absolute best way to score a deal at IKEA.


6. The best time to shop at IKEA is Monday morning.

I like to plan my shopping trips at the beginning of the week and in the morning when Ikea opens. The “As-is” section tends to have more items to choose from after other shoppers have made returns on Saturday and Sunday. And there’s way less foot traffic to contend with.


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7. Enter through the exit to save time at IKEA.

Sometimes, we don’t have hours and hours to meander through IKEA’s many rooms of wonder.

If you know exactly what you’re after, plan ahead. Go online, find the product numbers for the items you’re after, and enter directly through the exit. In doing so, you’ll save a ton of time and money from impulse purchases.

You can also check the availability of a specific product at your location online. This makes for zero guesswork when planning a shopping trip.


8. Find half-price IKEA items on Amazon.

IKEA products can be found on for up to half their original price. Search “IKEA” in the Amazon store and you’ll find about 10 pages of items ranging from hangers to lighting sold by IKEA. Check it out.

Note: If you’re a Prime member, you can get most of the IKEA products sold on Amazon shipped for free with Prime 2-day shipping. Try Amazon Prime for free here.


9. Yellow tags indicate “last chance” items.

If you like an item with a yellow “last chance” tag, purchase it ASAP. Last chance means an item will no longer be carried in the store in order to make room for new inventory.


10. Have missing parts mailed for free.

If you find there are missing parts in your order, IKEA will send you them for free. You’ll need to email customer service with information like your full name, address, the 8-digit article number for the product, and transaction information. Find the complete list of information along with a link to their customer service email here.

If you’re trying to get ahold of customer service at your nearest location, try calling first thing in the morning or later in the evening. I find I always get through right away around 7 PM at my local IKEA.



11. Get an hour and a half of free daycare.

IKEA provides a free hour of daycare for shoppers who bring kiddos along. You’ll find this area, known as “Smaland,” at the front of the store.

This deal gets a little bit sweeter for IKEA FAMILY members; present your IKEA FAMILY card and get an extra 30 minutes for free!


12. Save time, take the shortcuts.

Ikea’s stores are laid out like a maze, and it’s totally intentional. The layout forces shoppers to view every section of the store in hopes that shoppers will purchase more items than they intended to.

Your best bet is to grab a map, learn the layout, and take advantage of shortcuts.


13. Get a free cup of coffee in the IKEA restaurant.

IKEA FAMILY members can get a free cup of coffee or tea in the restaurant. Just grab a mug and present your card to the cashier at checkout—no purchase necessary.


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14. Moving? IKEA has a bunch of services to help you relocate.

The IKEA moving resources page has a bunch of resources to ensure you’re organized, moving checklists so you’re prepared from start to finish, tons of moving advice, product suggestions, and more.


15. Scan your member card for the chance to win a $100 gift card.

Each month, IKEA rewards one FAMILY member at every location with a $100 gift card. Either check in at a kiosk when you first walk in the store, or scan your card at checkout for an entry.


16. Take photos instead of having to write down product numbers.

Instead of writing down item numbers, consider taking photos of the tags with your phone. This saves time by not having to write every number down—and you’ll have a photo of the item you’re interested in.

If you find another product, you can compare the photos/prices on the spot instead of having to go back and forth.


17. Keep up on the latest sales and events with Facebook and mobile alerts.

Want to stay in the know with events happening at IKEA? Make sure to “like” the IKEA USA page on Facebook and sign up for mobile alerts. When you do, you’ll receive updates on the latest sales and events happening at IKEA.


18. Earn a free meal with furniture purchase.

On specific dates throughout the year, IKEA FAMILY members get a free meal with any furniture purchase over $100. Simply present your receipt and FAMILY member card at checkout, and the price of the meal is deducted from the price of the furniture.


19. Create your own furniture from shelves and cabinets in the “As-is” section.

If you love all things DIY, check out the cabinet/shelf area in the “As-is” section. Some stores refer to this area as the “Handyman Corner,” but it varies by location. There, you’ll find a large selection of furniture pieces to create your own project at a super-steep discount.



20. IKEA employees save 15% on regular priced items.

IKEA employees or “co-workers” save 15% on top of already low prices.

Team members can also take advantage of the store’s “purchasing plan,” which is essentially an interest-free line of credit when purchasing items at the store. Payments are automatically taken out of employee’s paycheck until the item is paid off.


21. Save even more with Weekly Specials.

Be on the lookout for “Weekly Special” signs throughout the store. These deals are specific to your store location, last for five days, and offer big savings on specific brands.

Check the IKEA website for your local store to see what the Weekly Special is before you go.


22. Avoid delivery charges.

If you’re planning a trip to IKEA, make sure to bring along a large vehicle like a truck or SUV. If you don’t have one, ask a friend or family member to borrow theirs.

If your city has great public transportation, check to see if there’s a discount available when you take the train to IKEA (in Portland, IKEA offers a $10 discount on delivery when you ride the MAX). In planning ahead, you can avoid hefty delivery fees, which will add up quickly.

These companies will delivery and even assemble IKEA furniture for you for a small fee:

Another idea is to look on Craigslist or TaskRabbit to find someone to go shopping for you. Looks like on TaskRabbit, an hour of shopping plus delivery is as low as $30.


23. Get cheap meals with member-only food deals.

Each month, IKEA introduces new deals on specific food items in the restaurant and Swedish food market. This can be anything from a $1 breakfast plate to an $8 family meal. You must present your IKEA FAMILY card to take advantage of these offers.


24. Save an additional 8% with discounted gift cards.

Purchasing discounted gift cards from sites like is one of the easiest ways to save a little extra money at checkout when you shop at IKEA. Right now, shoppers can save an additional 8% by shopping with Raise.


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