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Trader Joe's Holiday Items That You Can Still Buy in December 2022

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The holidays are here, and if you’re wondering what Trader Joe’s holiday items are still available for you to enjoy, we’ve got the full list. The Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer came out on Nov. 28 with all the holiday goodies. And just like Trader Joe’s pumpkin items, these seasonal items go quickly. We were actually really surprised at the number of items still available in the middle of December.

From the eggnog to the white truffle popcorn, the selection at Trader Joe’s makes it one of our favorite places to swing by for holiday cheer. They even have holiday flowers and plants — including one that even looks like it came right out of Whoville!

P.S. Don’t forget to grab a few bottles of Trader Joe’s wine while you’re there.

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Trader Joe’s Holiday Treats in December 2022

Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s, $3.49

hand holding a box of Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe-Joe's in front of display with sale price in front

If you’ve never had a Joe-Joe’s, you’re missing out. Each season, Trader Joe’s comes out with a fun twist on the classic Joe-Joe’s. For the winter, we’re getting Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s! The 16-ounce box is only $3.49 and has a smooth vanilla-cream frosting with crushed pieces of real candy cane sandwiched between two crisp chocolate wafers.


Trader Joe’s Gingerbread Ice Cream, $3.49

hand holding up Trader Joe's Gingerbread Ice Cream showing the top of the ice cream container in store

I thought I loved the Trader Joe’s pumpkin ice cream, but oh man, does their gingerbread ice cream shine. Who would have thought something so cold could feel so warm, with the molasses, ginger, nutmeg, and clove flavors? The ice cream is made with a ginger-spiced ice cream base with pieces of Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Snap Cookies (which are available year-round) and a gingerbread swirl.

You can get a 16-ounce carton for $3.49. Similar quality ice creams go for $4.98 at Walmart, so not only is this delicious, but it’s cheaper, too.


Trader Joe’s Glazed Maple Donuts, $4.49

hand holding a box of Trader Joe's Glazed Maple Donuts in store

Remember the apple cider donuts at TJ’s in the fall? Well, Trader Joe’s brought a unique flavor for the holidays — glazed maple donuts. These are classic cake donuts infused with real maple syrup and cut into a star-cruller shape with a sweet glaze on top. You can find these in the bakery section of Trader Joe’s. You get six donuts for $4.49 (about $0.75 per donut).


Trader Joe’s Hot Cocoa Ornaments, $6.99

hand holding box of trader joe's hot coca ornaments in front of display in store

Is it an ornament? Is it edible? It’s both! Trader Joe’s has a 4-pack of Hot Cocoa Ornaments for $6.99. The ornaments are red, gold, bluish-purple, and silvery green, covered in a shimmery, edible coating. While you can’t actually hang these on your tree, you can dunk them into a hot cup of your favorite milk or milk alternative. As the minty milk chocolate shell melts into the milk, you’ll discover a secret stash of marshmallows and chocolate chips inside. Yum! They would be great for a hot chocolate bar, too.

The $6.99 price at Trader Joe’s is pretty good, too, considering a 3-pack at Target is $7.99 — and currently out of stock online.


Trader Joe’s Holiday Snack Items

Trader Joe’s White Truffle Popcorn, $3.29

bag of Trader Joe's White Truffle Popcorn held up in front of price sign

Anything with the word truffle in it automatically makes me think two things — 1. Expensive and 2. Delicious. Thankfully for us, the Trader Joe’s White Truffle Popcorn is just one of those things — delicious. The Trader Joe’s White Truffle Popcorn is a returning favorite for the holiday season. They use mushroom-shaped popcorn dusted with a seasoning made with Italian white truffles and French sea salt. According to Trader Joe’s, “compared to black summer truffles, white truffles have a more distinct aroma and intense, earthy flavor.”

Add this popcorn to your favorite cheese plate or charcuterie board for a nice crunchy option.

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Trader Joe’s Holiday Beverage Items

Trader Joe’s O’ Nog, $2.99+

hand holding carton of Trader Joe's O' Nog

Trader Joe’s makes sure everyone can sip on eggnog, regardless of their dairy preference. In 2021 Trader Joe’s introduced an oat-based eggnog that still has the creamy, nutmeg, and ginger taste you love in the traditional eggnog. They also have a light eggnog which has 90% less fat and 40% fewer calories.

The 32-ounce cartons of either Trader Joe’s Egg Nog or Trader Joe’s Light Egg Nog are $3.49 each. And the same-size carton of the vegan, gluten-free O’Nog is $2.99.


Trader Joe’s Gingerbread Oat Latte, $2.99

hand holding bottle of Trader Joe's gingerbread oat latte

Craving a latte? Check out Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Gingerbread Oat Latte. It’s made with cold brew coffee, oat flour (aka oat “milk”), ginger juice, cinnamon, nutmeg, sweetened cane, and brown sugar. Want it hot? Heat it up and you have a hot gingerbread oat latte.

You can get a 12-ounce bottle for $2.99 — which is much cheaper than getting one at a coffee shop.


Trader Joe’s Winter Wassail Punch, $4.99

display of Trader Joe's Winter Wassail Punch

If fruit punch and the holidays came together, this punch would be it. The Winter Wassail Punch is a sweetened blend of apple, sour cherry, black currant, and lemon juices, spiced with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger, and orange peel. You can serve it chilled or warmed or even as a mixed drink. The 64-ounce bottle is $4.99.


Trader Joe’s Gingerbread Coffee, $8.99

hand holding container of Trader Joe's Gingerbread Coffee in front of sign

This gingerbread coffee is made of 100% Arabica beans from South America, roasted to a medium-dark Vienna roast with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice, and ginger. It’s only around for a limited time, so don’t wait on this one.

The 14-ounce container at Trader Joe’s is $8.99. Other gingerbread coffees start at $9.99 at Target and World Market, but you get fewer ounces.


Trader Joe’s Holiday Alcohol Items

Winter Ride Double Bock Lager, $8.99

package of Trader Joe's Winter Ride Double Bock

Not a wine person? Here’s a lager to get you in the spirit. The Winter Ride Double Bock Lager is rich, dark, and merrily malty.

It’s made for Trader Joe’s by a West Coast craft brewery. They combine Bavarian Hallertau hops (yielding 28 IBU) with Munich and caramel malts to provide a sweet, nutty, dark-roasted flavor and a smooth, crisp finish.

*NOTE: Only available in Trader Joe’s stores where beer is sold.


Trader Joe’s Platinum Reserve Sonoma County Brut, $14.99

bottle of Trader Joe's Platinum Reserve Sonoma County Brut being held up in front of sign

The Trader Joe’s wine section is one place you need to stroll through when you’re there. Right now they have a bottle of Trader Joe’s Platinum Reserve Sonoma County Brut for just $14.99. Whether you want a nice glass for Christmas or for New Year’s, this is one to grab. It’s smooth and easy to drink, with gentle notes of sweet apple and ripe pear.

The Platinum Reserve label represents top wines from top winemakers in some of the most prestigious wine-growing regions in the country sold at a fraction of the price they’d normally be sold at elsewhere.

*NOTE: Only available in Trader Joe’s stores where wine is sold.


Trader Joe’s Holiday Plants & Flowers

If you’re looking to bring a nice arrangement of flowers or plants to a host for a gift, swinging by Trader Joe’s on your way is a great choice. For a limited time, you’ll find evergreen wreaths, centerpieces, and garlands. In addition, you’ll find bunches of traditional red Ilex berries, snowball hydrangea, golden magnolia foliage, stargazer lilies, and snowflake-white baby’s breath. The best one? The Grump Tree! It’s a cypress tree decorated and inspired by the Grinch himself.


Ilex Berries Bundles, $7.99

containers of Trader Joe's Holiday Ilex Berries

Trader Joe’s Grump Tree, $9.99

display of Trader Joe's Holiday Grump Trees


Trader Joe’s Dozen Roses, $9.99

container of red roses at trader joes


Other Trader Joe’s holiday items to look for:

While we couldn’t find these items this late in December at our own store, these items may still be lingering on the shelves of a Trader Joe’s near you.

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