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26 Best WinCo Bulk Food Buys (With Savings Up To 92%!)

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Without question, the biggest money-saving secret for shopping at WinCo Foods is to head straight for their bulk bin section. When you buy things like spices, baking supplies, and oatmeal in bulk at WinCo, you can save big bucks because the items are light and you’re paying by the pound.

Plus you can measure out exactly what you need from the WinCo bulk bins so you aren’t paying to throw any expired leftovers away. And they sell more than 800 items by the pound!

We did a side-by-side cost comparison to find the absolute best WinCo bulk foods deals. With this list in hand, you can shop WinCo’s bulk bins knowing that you’re getting the best price every time.

And if you’re not familiar with WinCo, they’re a grocery store chain that operates in 10 states, including Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Montana, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, and Utah. Some WinCo locations are even open 24 hours a day.

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Spices from the bulk bins are the No. 1 money-saver at WinCo Foods — you’ll save up to 92%!

a bottle of itallian seasoning being held in fromt of winco bulk spices

Because you’re buying by the pound and spices are so light, you can get a huge amount from the WinCo bulk foods section for way less than you’d pay in the spice jar aisle.

For example, you could buy a 1.31-ounce jar of Italian seasoning for $4.48 in the spice jar aisle or get an entire 1-pound bag of Italian seasoning from WinCo’s bulk aisle for $4.30. That’s a $3.16/oz price difference, or a savings of 92%!

They even sell red-topped spice jars in the bulk bin aisle for $0.78 so you can store your bulk bin spices at home. Or just refill whatever spice jars you already have.

Besides just the Italian seasoning, here are the other top spice buys in WinCo’s bulk bins:

Chart showing best savings for spices

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Get all your baking supplies for up to 79% cheaper in the WinCo bulk bins.

Someone holding a bottle of sprinkles in front of a bulk sprinkle bin at WinCo

Common baking supplies like sprinkles and baking powder are significantly cheaper in the bulk bins at WinCo. Get cute storage containers to store all your bulk baking supplies in the pantry when you get home and you won’t even notice the difference.

In the regular aisles, you’d pay $1.48 for a 1.75-ounce shaker of rainbow sprinkles. In the bulk section, you can buy an entire 1-pound bag of rainbow sprinkles for $2.98. That’s a savings of $0.67/oz on sprinkles (79%) which can add up fast during your next baking day with kids involved.

Bulk bin flour is another great item to save on, especially since flour is one of those pantry items that disappears fast. Buy a 5-pound bag of prepackaged flour for $3.83 — or get the same five pounds of flour from WinCo’s bulk aisle for $2.90 and save $0.93.

Here are more of the top bulk baking supplies to buy at WinCo:

A table comparing prices of bulk food baking supplies to prepackaged items at WinCo



Shop breakfast staples like cereal and oatmeal in the WinCo bulk bins for up to 52% off.

a package of steel cut oats being held in front of winco bulk foods

Breakfast items take up almost an entire aisle in the bulk bin area of WinCo. Items like oatmeal, granola, and cereal are all so much cheaper in WinCo’s bulk aisle compared to the other sections of the store.

Steel-cut oats are a great example. You could purchase a 1-pound package of steel-cut oats for $3.26 or get the same amount from WinCo’s bulk bin section for just $1.08. That’s a $2.18/lb savings — or 52%!

Here are some of the best breakfast items to buy in WinCo’s bulk section:

A table comparing prices of bulk food items to prepackaged breakfast items at WinCo

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Save up to 32% on dry goods from the bulk bins at WinCo.

a package of pasta being held in front of winco bulk foods

When it comes to everyday pantry staples like beans and pasta, WinCo’s bulk bins offer substantial savings.

You’ll get the biggest savings when you buy dry pasta and croutons from the bulk bins compared to peas and beans. Since pasta and croutons are so light, you can get quite a bit when you purchase them by the pound! For example, buying one pound of penne pasta in the bulk aisle will cost you just $1.03. If you were to buy one pound of prepackaged penne pasta, it’d cost you $1.73 more. So shopping in the bulk bins would save you $0.73 per pound, or 32%.

Check out these other bulk bin savings on dry goods:

A table comparing prices of bulk food items to prepackaged dry goods at WinCo

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