1. Remind yourself to drink more water by using a permanent marker on a jug or container.


2. Keep keys safe during a workout by tying them to your shoelaces.


3. Build muscle by wearing wrist weights while blow-drying your hair.


4. Limit calories and save money by buying snacks in bulk and portioning them out at home.


5. Eat ginger after you work out to relieve muscle pain.


6. Prevent chafing during a workout with K-Y Jelly.


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7. Cut down on calories and sugar by adding cinnamon instead of cream to your coffee.

Studies have shown that cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar levels, relieve arthritis pain, and boost cognitive function. On top of all that, it can also enhance the flavor of your coffee without adding the extra calories and carbs found in sugar and cream.


8. Stop skipping morning workouts by sleeping in your workout clothes.


9. Control food portions by eating on a smaller plate.



10. Stay active by doing sit-ups and jumping jacks during TV commercials.


11. Soak up odors and sweat in your athletic shoes by sprinkling baking soda in them after a workout.


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