1. Attach photos to shoeboxes.


2. Hang heels on curtain rods.


3. Keep flip-flops in magazine holders.

4. Hang flower boxes for kids’ shoes.


5. Mount coat hooks near a door.



6. Put shoes on display.

Via Ikea


7. Build a shelf out of crates.


8. Or, build one out of PVC pipes.

Use some PVC pipe glue (about $5) to attach segments.


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9. Use clear plastic drawers.

Via eBay


10. Transform a wood pallet.


11. Use tension rods.



12. Repurpose a wine box.


13. Turn a wire hanger into a shoe hanger.


14. Or, use pants hangers to hang boots.


15. Attach clothespins to hangers.


16. Use crown moulding to hang heels.


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