Every so often I get that feeling, you know the one—that feeling you may be clinging just a bit too hard to last year's (or last decade's) fashion trends.

But this doesn't mean I also magically just have "a feeling" about where I can find the cash to afford a full makeover.

Luckily, these six budget makeover tips work great for a little touch-up—or a big change!

1. Use a free virtual makeover website

One of the best ways to try on different looks before you make a change is through one of the greatest gifts of the digital revolution—the "virtual makeover studio." Most are free, and in many cases you can try on celebrity looks (which makes it much easier to weed out what won't work by giving you a starting point to build from).

You can either upload a photo of yourself or use one of the provided headshots.

Here are some great free makeover websites:

  • Daily Makeover: Features "1-Click" celebrity looks you can try on and a before/after tool.
  • TAAZ: In addition to trying new looks, you can ask for feedback from the community.
  • Modiface: Takes the makeover one step further by showing the results of skin care treatments to combat a range of issues (from acne to rosacea and more).
  • Mary Kay: In addition to trying out free makeover ideas, you can connect directly to a consultant if you decide to proceed.

2. Learn easy hair fixes

Whether you are craving a makeover because you’re tired of pushing bangs out of your eyes or because you have a black tie event coming up, sometimes all you need is a makeover for one day—not for a lifetime.

These easy hair fixes can help:

  • Visit your stylist for a bang trim. Most stylists will do bang trims for free (or very cheap) for their regular clients.
  • Master an updo you love. I can't remember the last wedding I was in where I didn't wear an updo. It is elegant, regal and easy. Find one you love and look for an online tutorial, or ask your stylist (or a hair-whisperer friend) for help.

3. Put your entire makeup stash to work

I know I often get into a rut where I just use one or two colors out of that big palette of colors. This is easy on rushed days, but when you’re craving a makeover, you want eye color that pops! Most of us have several colors on hand at any given time, so all we need to do is learn to use them.

Tips to make over your eyes:

  • Think of your eye color not just as shadow, but as highlighter, eye liner or brow filler.
  • Take a video tutorial on what colors work best with your skin tone.
  • Use your light neutrals for all-over base eye color.
  • Use your darker shadows for highlighters (in the crease of the eye, under bottom lashes, in corners).
  • Use mid-tone shadows as blenders and brow fillers.
  • Visit KCL's awesome Pinterest page for more ideas!

4. Don't forget about dupes

Makeup dupes are all the rage this year, as makeover-hungry gals (just like us!) seek to freshen our looks without emptying our wallets.

Use these resources to find cheap dupes for pricey favorites:

5. Get pro makeover results with what you already own at home

I was just a girl when my mom taught me how to use apple cider vinegar as a hair clarifier (and this was long before my hair really needed much clarifying!). If you love how soft and shiny your hair is after you visit the salon, now you can do it at home (best if used once per week or less).

What to do:

  • Use one to two cups of water and two to four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (adjust for hair length).
  • Use as a shampoo, or shampoo/condition as usual, and then pour this mixture over your hair as a final rinse.
  • Towel dry and style as usual.

6. Make what you have last

If you can't imagine daily life without that-color-you-love, then it's never too early (or late) to extend its life!

First and foremost, challenge yourself to use as little as possible of the products you love most in order to achieve the look you want. The more you don't use now—the more you have to use later!

Tips by product:

  • Mascara: Cap SECURELY. Store in a cool, dry and dark place.
  • Lipsticks, foundations, cream-based products: Always put their caps back on—always.
  • Nail polish: Add some clear polish or just a splash of nail polish remover to remove clumps and delay thickening.
  • Liners: Sharpen only when absolutely needed (each sharpening session removes useful product after all!).
6 Budget-Friendly Makeover Tips You Will Love