Many savvy shoppers and frugal fashionistas have discovered the benefits of consignment shops.

These stores are great places to find great new-to-you items or get paid for items no longer welcome in the closet.

Problem: not every city has a consignment shop for adult clothing and accessories.

Once again, the digital age comes to the rescue. Consignment store, meet the Internet. Threadflip is the newest hub for buying and consigning pre-loved, name brand clothing and accessories!

The process is simple, sort of like the eBay of quality used women’s clothing.

Signing up to sell and shop on Threadflip is free. Get started here:

  • Visit.
  • Enter name, email, and create a password. Also include an address.
  • To sell an item, upload a picture of name brand clothing or accessory. Site staff view the item and within hours approve or deny the item for consignment.
  • The seller picks the listing price and adds a brief description.
  • Once an item is sold, Threadflip sends a prepaid mailing label. The seller boxes and ships the item. Cash is deposited in the seller’s account, which they can use to shop on the site or cash out. Simple!
  • Threadflip takes a 20 percent commission.

I gave Threadflip a spin last month and was very pleased. I had a Juicy Couture necklace that was still in beautiful shape that I was ready to part with. The original price was $95.00, and I listed it for $40.00. It was accepted and sold within a few weeks—much more than my local consignment shop.

Threadflip is worth checking out if you are looking for a great way to make a little extra cash on clothing items and accessories you no longer wear. So start combing those closets and making a pile because at Threadflip those items are as good as cash!

Flip It Good: Use an Online Consignment Shop to Clean Out the Closet