Whenever I'm on a quest to buy a new piece of clothing or accessory online, I always try to purchase from a retailer that offers free shipping and returns—no matter the amount being purchased.

Try on multiple colors and sizes

Free shipping can alleviate various concerns that arise when shopping online. Sick of trying to predict what size you'll be? Order multiple sizes of the same piece to try on at home. Not sure which color top is going to work best with that new skirt? Order them both and keep the best option. Have a picky child whose taste changes by the minute? Return every rejected item with no additional fee.

Ship back what doesn’t work

Free returns allows you to simply repackage and ship back whatever doesn't end up working, no matter if it’s one piece or every piece. I've become so accustomed to free shipping, that if I find an item on another website that doesn’t have free shipping, I instantly search for it on a website that does. My personal favorite free shipping retailers are Nordstrom and ASOS. Both have a wide selection of merchandise at a range of prices. Below I've compiled a list of my go-to retailers that have free shipping and returns:


The Best Apparel Websites for Free Shipping (and Returns!)