There are some seriously solid ways to consistently save almost 90% on every single purchase at The Children’s Place (TCP).

And if you do it right, shopping for all your children’s clothes here will be cheaper than shopping Walmart’s clearance section. Yes, seriously.

We’re even going to break down how to get the absolute best deals possible, so buckle up, friends, and get ready to brag about your biggest savings yet.

Download the KCL app and favorite TCP to get alerted to all the sales and deals!


1. Only shop during Place Cash promotions.

During these events, you’ll get one $10 Place Cash voucher for every $20 you spend. Place Cash is a $10 voucher you can redeem later on (like Gap Cash).

But first, sign up for the free My Place Rewards program to earn one point for every $1 spent. You’ll get $5 Rewards Cash for every 100 points you earn, plus birthday month savings for each of your kids.


2. Shop at the very beginning of the Place Cash promotion.

Now, this part is key: Start shopping when you first see a Place Cash earning promo is happening.

Why? Two reasons:

  • You can earn as much Place Cash as you want. No limit.
  • You will simultaneously earn Rewards Cash. So, if you start shopping at the beginning of the Place Cash promotion, you’ll earn both Rewards Cash and Place Cash on the same transaction, then you’ll receive your Rewards Cash the next month when the Place Cash promo is still happening. This is how you will achieve the best savings.


3. Buy the first half of your kids’ back-to-school clothes in August and the second half in September.

Step 1: Figure out your total budget. Let’s say you want to spend $80 total on your kids’ back-to-school clothes.

Step 2: Shop in July/August during the annual Place Cash promotion when you can earn $10 Place Cash for every $20 you spend. Spend $40 on your first half of clothing, get $20 Place Cash.

Step 3: Shop during the redemption window in September to get the second half of your kids’ back-to-school clothes. Spend $40 of your own money, and use your $20 Place Cash to get $60 total.

You’ll stick to your $80 budget but will have scored $100 of back-to-school clothing — and that’s if nothing you buy is on sale!

If you only buy items that are 60-80% off (remember, that’s totally reasonable online), you’ll have scored around $240 worth of clothing for just $80. Plus, if you use a discounted gift card or UPromise, you’ll have spent 5-12% less.


4. Buy sale items to earn Place Cash, then redeem Place Cash on regular-price items.

Of course you don’t have to buy any regular price items.

But if there are things you want that aren’t on sale, wait to buy them when you’re redeeming Place Cash instead of when you’re earning to get the most bang for your buck.


5. Shop Double Place Cash events to get $20 in Place Cash (two $10 certificates) when you spend $20.

During the Double Place Cash events, instead of getting $10 for every $20 spent, you’ll get two $10 Place Cash coupons for every $20 spent.

As for timing, Double Place Cash promos tend to come shortly after regular Place Cash promos end (typically a few weeks following the end of the promotion). So, plan accordingly!



6. Get an 88% discount during Place Cash events.

Here’s how I got $75 of clothing for around $9:

I got my $10 My Rewards certificate to use while the Place Cash event was happening (where you can earn a $10 Place Cash certificate for every $20 spent).

I used my $10 Rewards Cash while buying $75 worth of back-to-school clothes for my kids online. Every item was 60-70% off, making my total just $30.

I got $10 off my $30 order using my $10 Rewards certificate and paid $20 to TCP (but got 5%, or around $1, of that back shopping through UPromise — keep reading to see how I got that extra 5% back).

I then received an additional $10 Place Cash to spend during the redemption window a few weeks later, making my $20 purchase (worth $75), around $9.

Keep in mind, you’ll have to spend another $20 to use the $10 Place Cash during the redemption window.


7. Always shop online for the biggest discounts, selection and free shipping.

The online sale and clearance sections are my absolute favorite.

I can simply head straight for the clearance section where I’m likely to score 60-80% off.

One exception is the in-store plastic clearance bins. I recently saw $4.99 lunch boxes in those bins that were almost $7 online. Just call your local store to ask about what’s on clearance that day before placing your online order.

Also, you just can’t beat free shipping with no minimums!


8. Get 5% cash back when you shop online through Upromise.


DON’T go straight to The Children’s Place website. Instead, head to UPromise, make a quick account (if you haven’t already), and search for “The Children’s Place” in their shopping portal.

By simply clicking through UPromise’s shopping portal to create and complete your TCP order, you’ll get 5% cash back on that big order we just discussed.

The cash back you earn will go directly into your child’s college savings account. Clothes + College = Winning at life.

TIP: Don’t have a college savings account set up? Get that cash back delivered to you via check instead!


9. If you must shop in-store, price match using the TCP website.

When you’re shopping the brick-and-mortar aisles and spot something full price, I don’t care how cute it is: Put it down and pick up your smartphone.

Check the price online. If you spot an identical item on the TCP website for a cheaper price, show the cashier and they’ll mark it down for you.

Shoot for a 50% discount on in-season items (during a site-wide sale), and a 60-80% discount on off-season items.

Your mileage may vary when price matching the website in-store.


10. Always pay with a discounted gift card to save an average of 12%.

Check out Raise and Gift Card Granny to score potential savings up to 12% — on top of Place Cash and sale prices!

Note that you won’t earn Place Cash when you pay with a gift card online, but you will when you pay with a gift card in-store.



11. Get a free $10 coupon when you purchase $40 in gift cards.

Look for promos where you can get a free $10 gift card when you spend $50 in gift cards. You can usually find this promotion and when it’s live, it runs for a few months at a time.

Stock up on gift cards for yourself to the amount you know you’ll spend on next year’s school clothes.

Unfortunately, you cannot earn Place Cash for gift card purchases!


12. Get $10 off when you sign up for emails.

Either sign up in the pop-up box that’ll show up when you visit the TCP site, or click “Coupons” at the bottom of their website to see the offer. Sign up for this on the exact day you’re ready to make a purchase, because the promo code is only good for one day.

After you sign up for emails, you’re going to get A LOT of emails — we’re talkin’ up to three per day.

To cut through that noise, look for emails that mention either Place Cash events or advertise events for 60-80% off sale prices. Ignore everything else.

Those two money-saving promotions will make the hoard of emails mostly worth it.


13. Redeem up to six Place Cash coupons at a time.

You can redeem up to six Place Cash coupons at one time (a $60 value on a $120 transaction).

So, if you earned more than six of those coupons, just break up your transaction to ensure they all get spent.


14. If you do buy something full price, you’ll have seven days to price adjust.

You’ll only have a seven-day window, and the price adjustment policy only works on items you paid full price for.


15. Return online purchases to a store to avoid the return shipping fees.

TCP does not cover shipping fees for returned items. So, skip the shipping costs and return it to a store near you.


16. Only buy graphic tees when they reach under $3 (yep, cheaper than Walmart.)

Without fail, you can find clearanced graphic tees for under $3, often in the $2.50-$2.85 range.

Pair those with free shipping, and you’re definitely undercutting Walmart’s prices on graphic tees which tend to hit $3.50-$6 on clearance.



17. Buy accessories when they’re under $1-$2.

Check the clearance accessory bins in-store, or in the online clearance section.

You can often score headbands, hair clips, sunglasses, or socks for $1-$2.

Look for stocking stuffer hats, gloves, and scarves in December.


18. Get the TCP credit card to earn double points, free shipping, and 30% off your first purchase.

If you’re a TCP credit card holder, you’ll earn a $5 off coupon for every $50 you spend, instead of having to spend $100 to earn that $5 off for non-cardholders.

You’ll also get 30% off your first credit card purchase, plus another 20% off when you sign up, and free shipping every day.

You can also register four children’s birthdays to get a 25% off coupon for each child (even if you only have one child. . . wink wink).

And if you’re really savvy, make each child’s “birthday” coincide with seasonal sale months like March (spring), July (summer), September (fall), and December (winter), because these coupons work on sale and clearance items too.


19. Skip calling customer service and talk to an in-store associate instead.

Their phone line is notoriously aggravating. Expect long periods of time spent on hold, and a not-super-helpful person once you get through. Sorry, TCP, but it’s true.

If the issue is big, head into your local TCP store to get one-on-one service from an employee. You can return online orders to the store, and they’ll likely be more helpful to you!

If you must call, read our call center tips before you dial to ensure you get what you want fast.



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