As a mom and obsessive deal shopper/couponer, I look forward to one season in particular—Stuff-a-Bag season! This usually comes when Resale Boutiques (especially children’s shops) want to clear out merchandise quickly (and at a good price to you!) to make way for the next season’s stock.

I have noticed that most Stuff-a-Bag sales tend to happen around the end of winter/beginning of spring/start of summer (check with your favorite store to see when theirs is). I have been to more than a few, and can easily spot a first-timer. But no worries—with these tips and tricks, you will look like a seasoned pro with the most stuffed bag and maximized dollar value!

To clarify, a Stuff-a-Bag sale is a sale in which you pay a flat fee, such as $10.00, to stuff whatever you can fit into a bag. Here’s how to get the most out of one of these sales:

  • Arrive early. At every single sale I have been to, there has been a waiting line. This will vary by the store’s location and how they market the sale, but plan to arrive early and wait in line. If it’s cold or warm, dress accordingly.
  • Try to leave the little ones at home. As cute as they are, it’s an inconvenience to the other shoppers to have strollers blocking their way to the merchandise. If you must bring your child, be as polite as you can. Bring something to divert your child’s attention.
  • Shop with a partner. If you have a friend, go together to shop the racks and bins to grab everything cute in the size you’re looking for. You can always put what you don’t like back on the rack. Two sets of hands are better than one!
  • Shop for the sizes that you need most first, then move on to the next season or size. I have stocked up for the next year this way!
  • Bring extra shopping bags such as Target plastic bags. Most of the time, you will be stuffing your new-found treasures into a cheap plastic bag. Use the ones you brought to reinforce the bag the store gives you.
  • Bring rubber bands. Roll whatever isn’t bulky and put a rubber band around it. Then, put it in the bag. If you have a bulky item such as a winter coat (yes, you can get one—I did!), stuff the arms, body, pockets and hood with the rolled items. Then lay flat any items that are too bulky to roll.
  • Squeeze the air out of the bag and tie it shut!

At one of the last sales I went to, I bought 3 bags for $10.00 each, so for $30.00 I got: 6 coats, 3 sweaters, 2 vests, 1 bathing suit, 2 swim tops, 11 shirts, 5 shorts, 7 dresses, 5 skirts, 5 leggings, 3 half shirts and 5 boy items for a friend. That’s 50 items for $30.00, or just $0.60 each!

This is a guest post by Katie from Grand Rapids, MI


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