I recently moved to a much drier climate than I was used to and quickly realized that washing my hair every day made my ends as parched as tumbleweed.  Dry shampoo was a godsend, but the overpowering chemical smell was too much to take after a while.  I went online to look for a homemade solution, but applying straight baby powder and corn starch left my roots looking a little too George Washington for my taste.

I then began experimenting and found a great solution for brown-haired gals: mix equal parts cocoa powder and corn starch.  I put the mix in an empty Tupperware bowl, use an old makeup brush, dip it in, tap off the excess and apply directly to the roots of my hair.  You can also use an empty salt and pepper shaker or spice container and shake it onto either your hand to rub in or directly onto your head and brush through.  Not only can I get away with not washing my hair for a few days, but I smell delicious.  My husband has even tried it a time or two!  We’re saving money in two ways by (1) using less shampoo and conditioner and (2) making our own dry shampoo.  Now that’s what I call using your head!

This is a guest post by Jayme from Austin, TX.


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