When it comes to jewelry, it can be hard to cough up a large chunk of money for something you won't wear everyday. But those cute pieces are still essentials in our wardrobe. With a bit of research you can find look-alikes so similar to designer pieces you won't be able to tell which is the splurge and which is the steal. Let’s look at examples of pieces we can find at Forever 21:

Bow Ring

Kate Spade Bow Ring $78 vs. Forever 21 Bow Ring $1.50

(The Forever 21 ring is currently unavailable online but check back, they restock often. Ring is available in stores.)

Bows can always add that subtle feminine touch we love. This Kate Spade "all wrapped up" bow ring is a cute way to show a bit of style while keeping it calm. But at $78.00, it won't end up on my hand. That is where the Forever 21 ring comes to our frugal rescue for a whopping $1.50.

Tribal Inspired Earrings

House of Harlow 1960 Earrings $94.81 vs. Forever 21 Earrings $5.80

If you want to spice it up a bit, these earrings are a great option to make a statement. With their geometric shape and tribal influence you will be quite stylish. But if you aren't sure this style’s for you, you don’t want to spend $95.00 to find out; $5.80 is more like it. Forever 21 has this pair of earrings that is very similar to the House of Harlow 1960; for a few bucks you can test out your personal style and see what works for you.

Key Trefoil Necklace

Tiffany & Co. Key Trefoil Pendant $1,275 vs. Forever 21 Key Necklace $4.80

WOW! I’m in a bit of shock looking at these two pieces next to each other. Where is the difference (besides the obvious–the metals)? There’s none at all. Look how similar they are, then compare the prices! Absolutely brilliant!

Although Forever 21 is a great source for clothes and jewelry PLEASE sift through the absolutely ridiculous items. But sometimes–even often–you will find that perfect item at that perfect PRICE. Dreaming of the perfect piece and owning a look-alike is about compromise. Look at your budget realistically. If you can't live without it but can’t afford it, go for the look-alike and be confident. Who will know you got such a deal? Forever 21 is hit or miss–you can go one day and find every piece you’ve seen at the high end stores, yet some days all you’ll find is a mickey mouse cut off top. Please–just leave that one on the rack!

Jewelry Look-A-Likes!