These days, apps practically function as a third arm. They help us with banking, clothes shopping, game playing, and even having a virtual girlfriend/boyfriend (yes, it’s true!). Some apps are for fun while others have more of a “grown up” sensibility. Yet there are apps possessing both qualities, and Shopkick is one of them. It’s a fun, easy-to-use, and rewarding app. Smartphone-toting saavy shoppers, pay attention!

Shopkick describes itself as “the very first app that lets you collect kicks rewards and unlock great deals simply for walking into stores.” At its core, it is an interactive rewards program. After downloading the Shopkick app, the main objective is to accumulate “Kicks” (points). Kicks can be redeemed for things like gift cards to a variety of retailers, magazine subscriptions, accessories, household goods, and—I’m not kidding—a Vespa! A user may redeem Kicks at any time, anywhere. The “Rewards” page lists all the prizes and shows a picture for each. Click on the picture to learn more or redeem it. The process is quite user-friendly, even for the most technology-challenged.

So, how does one earn kicks? Let me count the ways:

Walking Into a Store

The app lists the stores near you that offer Kicks for walking into the shop. To ensure you’re rewarded, open the app before walking into the store. Hint: Hold still near the store’s entrance to ensure the action was recognized.

Scanning Barcodes

In certain stores, earn Kicks by scanning the barcodes of specific items! There’s a section of the app showing the items and the amount of Kicks that can be earned. As I’m writing this, Shopkick shows a scan at Target worth 50 Kicks!

Instant Surprises

These can be obtained without having to be in a store. For example, while waiting for an appointment at the salon, jump on Shopkick and click on different stores to see if there are Instant Surprises available. Some are worth more than others; it’s a surprise, hence the name.


Link your Visa or MasterCard to your Shopkick account. Then, make a purchase at a participating store. These points are available after a designated period of time (to account for returns or exchanges). Earn specific amounts based on the purchase total. For example, Old Navy currently rewards 1,000 Kicks on a $75.00 or higher purchase!

Tell Friends

In the Profile section, invite friends to join. If they sign up, you earn Kicks!

Additional Benefits

Shopkick provides exclusive Target mobile coupons! These are store coupons which can be used in conjunction with a manufacturer coupon. Redeem a mobile coupon by having the cashier scan the special barcode image in the app. Each mobile coupon may be redeemed only once. Once a mobile coupon is selected, it expires within 12 hours. With mobile coupons, save on storewide items, even Starbucks beverages!

Download Shopkick on an Android phone or iPhone to start saving and earning money. Plus, it’s user-friendly and fun to use!


Kick Up the Savings: Shopkick Benefits and User Tips