Whenever I have house guests they often comment about the ever-present stacks of fashion magazines that they find all over the house. What can I say—I love fashion! Even as a little girl I would steal my mom’s magazines and beg her for the latest "it" items. That passion has never faded and I still love shopping for the newest trends each season. However, as much as I love fashion, I would never dream of paying full price—especially for a trendy item that I may only wear for a season or two! This is why Marshalls has become one of my go-to stores to find the hottest in-season items. Despite the fact that the discounts are already as high as 60% or more, there are a few additional tips that I’ve learned to save even more at Marshalls.

Be a frequent shopper

Unlike most retailers, which receive new merchandise 1-2 times each week, Marshalls stores often receive goods on a daily basis. In fact, individual stores can receive as much as 10,000 new items in one week! However, the supply of each item is often limited, and many times stores only receive one or two items in each size. With a constant influx of new merchandise and a high rate of turnover, hitting your local Marshalls several times a week is one of the easiest ways to score the best deals. Most stores unload merchandise before they open, so if you can swing in on your way to work a few times a week you’ll be more likely to snag those new, in-demand items before the weekend crowd makes their way in.

Open a TJX MasterCard

If you’re a frequent shopper of Marshalls and its sister stores, TJMaxx and HomeGoods, opening a TJX MasterCard can reap some serious savings! Cardholders not only receive 1 point for every dollar spent everywhere MasterCard is accepted, but they also receive 5 points for every dollar spent at TJX stores! For every 1,000 points accumulated, you’ll receive a $10 reward certificate, which equates to a $10 reward for every $200 spent at Marshalls, TJMaxx and Homegoods! If you tend to do a lot of shopping at these stores, that can add up to some major rewards! The no-annual fee card also offers 10% off your first in-store purchase, and there’s no limit to the amount of rewards you can earn.

Befriend the associates

Although you probably won’t be offered any personal shopping assistance or gift guidance when shopping at Marshalls, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have friendly associates available to help you become a savvy shopper! Chat up the associates and let them know that you want to learn the ins and outs of the store such as the best days and times to come in. Find out what days the trucks come, when new merchandise is put on the floor and when markdowns are done. Although markdowns are typically done on Wednesdays at Marshalls, that can change at any time. Additionally, some stores may process markdowns early in the day, while others may wait until the evening. Getting to know the associates is one of the best ways to find the hottest deals. And who knows, you may even make a friend or two in the process!

Get to know each store

Although you may be inclined to always shop at the Marshalls closest to your home, getting to know each Marshalls store in your area can be well worth the longer drive. The inventory not only varies from location to location, but you’ll often notice that certain locations tend to specialize in a particular department. For example, a store in a high-traffic, upscale location may carry more designer labels and high-end goods than other locations. A Marshalls located in a more remote area, on the other hand, may carry a larger selection in areas such as furniture or kitchen goods. After a few visits to each location, you’ll know which store to hit when you need a new date outfit and which to visit when you’re looking for a few accessories to spruce up your home.

Shop clearance

Although clearance merchandise at off-price retailers can sometimes be messy or disorganized, don’t let that put you off. These areas can be treasure troves for those willing to spend a little time sifting through them. Unlike many traditional retailers, which send unsold merchandise back to the manufacturer, Marshalls buys their merchandise without a buy-back clause. That means that if an item doesn’t sell, it will probably get marked down and relegated to the clearance rack! In the past, I’ve seen such deals as Juicy Couture swimsuits, originally priced at $108, on the markdown racks for $22.00. Brian Atwood pumps that retail for over $300 get marked down to $29, and even $50+ brand-name perfumes get down to $3! Although they may not be the most appealing racks, if you can spare the time to dig through them, you’ll probably come away happy that you did!


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