It seems to happen to me often—I'm in the middle of a shower and run out of shaving cream mid-shave. I found a cheap and easy solution right in my pantry: peanut butter! Although it sounds strange, peanut butter is loaded with tons of moisturizing properties and oils that soothe the skin and make shaving a breeze. Peanut butter is also cheaper than shaving cream at my local stores—I can get 11 ounces of shaving cream for about $1.50. But I can get 18 ounces of peanut butter for only $2! Because you use less peanut butter than shaving cream, you wind up saving even more!


1. Mix a dollop of peanut butter with warm water. Rub the mixture in your hands until you create a thin, creamy, whitish paste.

2. Massage the peanut butter onto your legs (or whatever body part needs shaving). The peanut butter should glide on smoothly just like shaving cream.

3. Shave your skin like normal. Be sure to rinse the razor every couple passes to keep it from getting all gunky.

4. Rinse the peanut butter off when you are done shaving. Your skin might feel slightly oily and smell like a peanut butter sandwich. Don't worry, the fix is simple! Rub a little bit of shower gel on your legs and wash the scent away.

5. Clean your razor blade thoroughly after you are done shaving. But don't fret—that's easy peasy as well! Just run the razor under warm water and gently scrub the front and back of the blades with a washcloth or dishtowel.


Don't shave with peanut butter if you’re allergic to peanuts. And don't forget to add water to the peanut butter before you shave with it—thick peanut butter can ruin a good razor!

Get Silky Skin When You Shave with Peanut Butter