Every year I make the same New Year’s resolution—to get in shape! Although I usually manage to stay motivated (at least for a little while), I always find myself struggling to find workouts that don’t require purchasing any equipment or gym memberships. After a month of jumping jacks and sit-ups, I usually get bored and just give up! However, this year I plan to get a little help with Gorilla Workout. Gorilla Workout, an app for Apple and Android devices, aims to help people on a budget get in shape by bringing users a variety of fun, unique workouts that don’t require the use of any equipment.

What is Gorilla Workout?

Gorilla Workout is a fast-paced workout app that combines cardio and strength training to help you achieve maximum results. Each exercise featured on the app targets a specific muscle group such as your core, back, arms and legs. Created with the budget-conscious in mind, Gorilla Workout requires no weights, steps, ropes or equipment of any kind, and most moves can be done just about anywhere!

What types of exercises does Gorilla Workout offer?

Gorilla Workout features over 40 different no-equipment exercises which vary from simple wall push-ups to more advanced moves such as burpees and one-armed push-ups. Other exercises include bird dogs, box jumps, dips, Russian twists, and squats, just to name a few.

What other features does Gorilla Workout offer?

Gorilla Workout features four different workout levels for everyone from beginners just looking to start their fitness routine all the way to advanced fitness buffs. The app features day-by-day regimens that include hundreds of unique workout routines to follow. If you’re like myself and are pretty clueless as to how to complete each move properly, Gorilla Workout features video demonstrations and detailed text describing each exercise. And if you’re the type that likes to show off achievements, Gorilla Workout features social sharing options via Facebook and Twitter.

How long are the workouts?

Although workout lengths vary from person to person, Gorilla workouts are generally 15–30 minutes each.

How much does Gorilla Workout cost?

Gorilla Fit is available on both iTunes and Google Play for 99 cents.

Get Fit on a Budget with the Gorilla Workout App