When I was little and my nose got too dry, my mom would break out the Vaseline. As I got older, Mom taught me how to use Vaseline (or petroleum jelly) to soften my cuticles, elbows, knees and chapped lips. Today, I’m still discovering new uses for this 144-year-old medicine chest staple—only many of the things I use it for aren't particularly medicinal!

Here are some great, new ways I’m using Vaseline as part of my regular beauty and self-care routine. If you recently scored a great discount or coupon deal on Vaseline products, you can try these out for yourself!

1. Loosen stuck nail polish tops

Little is more irritating than prepping your nails (including softening cuticles with Vaseline) only to find yourself gridlocked in a fight to the death with the cap on your nail polish bottle. To prevent the polish from acting like glue after your next mani/pedi, dab on a bit of Vaseline all alone the edge and inside of the cap. It will twist off easily from now on!

2. Wear red lipstick with confidence

If you tend to get lipstick smears on the front of your teeth, this might put you off from wearing your favorite colors to important occasions. But with the help of Vaseline, you can wear the red with confidence every time. Just smooth a bit of Vaseline on the fronts of your teeth. Your teeth will stay white and lipstick-free.

3. Stop tan lines and streaks

Doctors are very adamant—too much sun can lead to burning, scarring and skin cancer. Spray tans have recently become more popular for just this reason, but they can be challenging to apply evenly. Often streaks and lines show up in hard-to-apply areas such as around joints. So smooth some Vaseline around ankles, knees, elbows, shoulders, and hands—especially along the backs—to stop the streaking before it starts.

4. Get longer eyelashes—for free!

Vaseline dabbed on the ends of eyelashes acts as a nourishing agent. Lashes will lengthen in appreciation of this unexpected TLC—and you can skip the expensive "lengthening" mascaras…or lash extensions.

5. Extend the life of your morning perfume

Dab on a bit of perfume on the insides of wrists, behind ears, or wherever you like to apply it. Then rub in a bit of Vaseline. The Vaseline works to "set" the perfume and maintain scent throughout the day.

6. Mend split ends

If you've gone too long between haircuts, your ends can start to frizz, fray, and split. While salons love to sell you pricey "mending gels" and sprays, Vaseline will do the job just as well—and for a fraction of the cost. Using just the merest amount of Vaseline, smooth onto ends and watch your hair take on the appearance of new gloss, shine and health.

7. Dye your hair at home like a pro

If you've ever colored your hair at home, you probably remember all too well how hard you scrubbed at that one spot on your skin where the dye mysteriously snuck through. But if you dab Vaseline all around the base of your neck, along your forehead and cheek line and around your ears, you can say goodbye to unexpected skin dye. The Vaseline becomes an impenetrable barrier keeping dye and skin forever separated.

8. Exfoliate and nourish dry skin

Vaseline might not strike you as a natural exfoliating agent, but if you mix it with a teaspoon or two of natural sea salts, it can pull double duty as an exfoliant and moisturizer.

9. Keep your jewelry under control

Vaseline is like the drill sergeant of unruly jewelry. Necklace in a knot—again? Dab a bit of Vaseline around the knotted area and watch the strands slide free. Earrings won't insert? Smooth on the Vaseline and they will slide right into your ears. Ring refuses to come off? Smooth Vaseline around either end of the ring and slide it free.

10. Make your own long-lasting lip stain

Mix a bit of Vaseline with some cherry Kool-Aid and rub into lips. Your lips will stay ruby red even if you don't have time to run to the ladies' room for a touch-up.

11. Remove makeup and cosmetic helps with ease

Vaseline can serve as a ready (and much cheaper!) stand-in for makeup removers, and can also easily remove cosmetic helps like false eyelash glue easily and without any pain.

12. Take your color to the next level

For a special night out, you might want a bit of extra color in your palette. By mixing in just a dab of Vaseline, you can turn your powder blush and eye shadow into cream-based color which are more vivid and long-lasting.


12 Surprising Beauty Uses for Vaseline