Vintage clothing makes my heart beat a little faster. Free vintage clothing risks making it stop altogether. When I first learned about Swapstyle, a social networking site that bills itself as "the original and longest running swap site," I immediately knew I had found (yet another) new online home. The user base is international. The concept is simple—share, and everyone gets more of what they love. Signing up costs nothing. Best of all, the brands listed on Swapstyle are fabulous—from Aveda to L'Oreal (yes they have cosmetics too!), Miu Miu to Bobbi Brown, Burberry to Calvin Klein…and so many more where those came from. Learn how to start swapping with Swapstyle!

1. How to find Swapstyle

Swapstyle is also on Facebook, Pinterest, Stumble Upon and Twitter.

2. How Swapstyle works

Swapstyle gives you the option to swap clothing, accessories, shoes, cosmetics, kids or maternity items, or entertainment items (books, CDs, etc.) you no longer want or need with items others no longer want or need. To do this, you can upload your own items, browse others' listings and use price minimums and maximums as well as filters to find exactly the match you’re looking for.

3. How to get started with Swapstyle

  • First, visit and create a free user account (you can do this by providing an email address and creating a password or by signing in with your Facebook account).
  • Next, elect which profile fields you wish to fill in or leave blank (you’ll be asked basic questions like height, dress size, shoe size, style preferences).
  • You can continue by navigating to "Profile – Edit Profile" to complete your profile and choose your currency, or go right to searching Swap listings or posting your own listings.

4. How to use Swapstyle

You can do several things with your free Swapstyle account.

  • You can browse the Swap listings to find items you’re interested in. First, navigate to (or click on "Swap – Browse Items"). Then use the filters to select which types of items you want to browse (your choices are Sell only, Swap only, Sell & Swap, or Give [free]).
  • You can list your own items by navigating to "Swap – Add Item." To do this, go to, then add a title, a category, a description, some photos, your preferred swap method, location and shipping information, and then click "Upload" to take the item live.
  • You can also exchange offers and private messages with other members to negotiate swap, sell or give terms.


Want Free Vintage and Designer Clothes? Check Out Swapstyle!