Stylinity is taking the selfie craze seriously—and offering us cash for our selfies.

Using social media's ever-expanding reach, the app creates what it calls "shoppable selfies," making it easy to earn by snapping pics of you wearing outfits you love (whether you buy them or not!).

Learn how to start monetizing your selfies with Stylinity—oh, and it's free!

Get the free Stylinity app

Your first step to making money is downloading the Stylinity app—free for iOS (rated 4+ out of 5 stars) and Android (rated 5 out of 5 stars).

What to do next

Once you've downloaded the app, the next steps are simple.

  • 5 Steps: Shop, scan, snap, share and earn.

1. First, you need to go out shopping.

You can shop at any of the 180+ retailers Stylinity works with (including Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Barneys New York and others). You don’t even have to purchase the items in order to continue (snap a selfie in the dressing room!). Once you've assembled an outfit you love, it’s time for step 2.

2. Scan the barcodes for each item in your outfit.

You can scan the barcode price tags from each item directly in-app to assemble outfits that will be posted to your Lookbook—be sure you scan all items for maximum earnings!

3. Snap your selfie(s).

The app makes it super-easy to snap your selfies. You can take up to four, using the in-app timer to strike a new pose for each shot. You can then review each photo and retake any you like before posting them live.

4. Share your selfie(s).

Once you have your selfie shot(s) exactly as you like them, it’s time to share (this is how you start earning!). At this phase, your selfie is called a Shoppable Selfie, and it’s capable of earning you cash. You can share your Shoppable Selfies on your blog and/or on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram).

5. Earn rewards when people buy your outfit.

Whether they buy the whole outfit or just a piece or two, you earn rewards every time someone clicks on your selfie and clicks "I want this" next to one of the scanned barcodes. It's that simple!

6 Ways to earn Stylinity points

You can earn Stylinity Rewards points in six ways (more are always being added!).

  • Someone clicks on your selfie and clicks "I want this" to buy one or all items in your outfit.
  • You re-share someone else's selfie and someone in your network clicks "I want this" and buys one or all items in their outfit.
  • You click "I want this" next to an item in someone else's selfie and earn points.
  • You are automatically entered to win bonus points each week you’re active on Stylinity.
  • Post your Stylinity selfies to your blog to begin earning affiliate commissions for any click-through purchases originating with your blog.
  • You can participate in exclusive Stylinity opportunities to earn extra points (announced in-app as they become available).

How your selfies turn into cash

Whenever someone purchases something from a Shoppable Selfie you snapped or shared, you earn a commission on that sale. Commission rates depend on which retailer the purchase was made from and their agreement with Stylinity.

Example: Someone shops from your Stylinity Lookbook (what your collection of Shoppable Selfies is called) and makes a purchase.

  • The shopper purchases a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes minus $675 net cost.
  • $675 times 20% = $135 commission to you!

The Stylinity StylePerks Rewards Program

As soon as your account accrues 1,500 activity points, you’re eligible to join Stylinity's StylePerks Rewards Program. Once you’re invited and you accept, you’ll get a Rewards Catalog as soon as your registration is complete.

From here, you can choose to redeem your accrued rewards points four times each year during Stylinity's quarterly "Redemption Periods" (March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, December 31st).

You can redeem your rewards points for cash, products and what are called "experience awards" (Stylinity does not specify what these may entail).

There is a tiered rewards structure based on items purchased (Stylinity has not provided detail other than to say "Due to the complex and changing agreements Stylinity maintains with its partners, it’s impossible to predict the StylePerks Reward Tier into which a transaction will fall."

However, points are earned based on the total purchase amount after tax/shipping/handling. Here is the current Rewards Chart so you can get an idea of how the point system works.

Snap a Selfie and Get Paid with Stylinity!