As a seasoned couponer, I’ve evolved into an assertive, savvy shopper who has found her voice! Sometimes that voice just kind of takes over and I’m even surprised at what it might say! Below are a few phrases that an experienced couponer who has found her voice just might say along with tips for those who may be new to couponing!

1. I can’t believe you paid full price for that! I had a coupon that would’ve saved you 25 cents!

Every cent counts when you’re a couponer! Track your coupon savings like a pro with our couponing spreadsheet:

2. I’m taking my coupons with me on vacation.

Okay, okay…maybe I haven’t actually brought my coupon binder with me on vacation (that baby is probably over the luggage weight limit!), but I’ve thought about it! Instead, here’s how I’ve kept the savings going even on holiday:

 3. I’ve got to run by CVS and scan my card! It’s only the 5th time this week, but what if I get a coupon for a free candy bar?

There’s just something glorious about getting free stuff with coupons—it’s addicting at times…just like chocolate! Take advantage of your drugstore’s rewards programs:

4. Excuse me, sir! Would you stop stocking that shelf and go look in the back for some Glade air fresheners? I heard you had a deal going on that I just have to have!

I’ve been so excited about scoring certain deals that yes, I have thought about saying this. Minus the “stop stocking that shelf” part, you should most definitely speak to store employees—nicely, of course. Store employees are experts, and the information they share with you could mean bigger savings! Here are some questions to ask:

5. If you want to go ahead of me in line, that would be fine! I have like 15 transactions to do!

Of course, 15 transactions is a bit much. The most I’ll have at one time is three, but even with two it can be overwhelming not just for you, but also for the cashier and those behind you. Here are some tips to help:
4 Things a Seasoned Couponer Would Say