Sometimes I buy too much of something. Heck, it happens to the best of us. But then I also don't have much storage space in my small casa. Plus, frankly, whatever-it-is didn't save me anything if I didn't need that much of it in the first place! So then basically whatever-it-is haunts me until I can find alternative ways to use it up (short of giving everyone I know gallons of bleach or bags of flour for holidays and birthdays all year long). Recently I may have bought a few too many boxes of dryer sheets…on sale, of course. Here are some great ways I am putting the extra sheets to good use!

1. Freshen up!

Unless you have specifically purchased "unscented," I’ve discovered that the "long lasting" scent hawked by most dryer sheet advertisers more than pulls its weight against other, much tougher, odor issues.

  • How you save: No more expensive "diffuser" oils, incense sticks, odor-eating candles, endless wash cycles, or multiple spritzes of air freshener.

Here are just some of the endless ways I’m putting my extra dryer sheets to use:

  • Stinky tennis shoes or gym bag? Slide a dryer sheet into each shoe and the bag, leave overnight. Your athletic wear and gear will smell fresh and new in the morning.
  • Musty closets? A dryer sheet will definitely freshen up the stale air in there.
  • New car smell worn off? A dryer sheet can bring the "new" back to even the most "seasoned" vehicle—just slide one under each of the front seats.
  • Books smell like old books? Slide a dryer sheet in between the pages and wait. In a day they will smell like fresh new volumes again.

2. Sweep your worksite clean

It has only been recently that I've begun learning about home improvement. One thing I learned quickly—it can get messy! The other day we were drilling into some wood, and the sawdust went flying everywhere.

  • What to do: Luckily I'd read that the anti-static properties in dryer sheets are also perfect for cleaning up grime, dust, and dirt—they act like a fresh little magnet of sorts. So I tried it with the sawdust and voila! No more sawdust!
  • How you save: Dryer sheets are way cheaper than those electric-powered blowers or even a roll of paper towels, and they’re faster too!

3. Clean your iron

Finding unidentifiable gunk on the underside of your expensive iron is never fun. Finding it just when you need to iron something is even less fun. Dryer sheets to the rescue!

  • What to do: Turn your iron on the lowest heat setting and let it warm up. Then lay a dryer sheet out flat on your ironing board and gently rub the iron over it. The dryer sheet will capture the gunk and leave your iron clean.
  • How you save: No need to buy a pricey new iron—yay!

4. Stop static cling

Static cling is a fact of life…except when dryer sheets are around. And while you might enjoy clean flowing lines on your clothing, you certainly don't want them clinging to you for dear life! Same goes for your hairstyle—when it tries to fly away, a dryer sheet will put those strands back in their proper place.

  • What to do: Run the dryer sheet lightly over the item of clothing (or strands of hair) that is clinging or fleeing and it will stop.
  • How you save: Anti-static spray is neither cheap nor sweet-smelling…dryer sheets are both.

Note: Pet owners also report that the anti-static properties can work to calm pets during a storm—just rub a dryer sheet over their fur so it lays down and watch your pet calm down!

5. Keep stitches neat and clean

Sometimes thread can get bunched up while you are stitching up a hole or tear. Dryer sheets can tame even the unruliest threads.

  • What to do: Run the thread over a dryer sheet before threading the needle and getting started; your thread will behave nicely from start to finish.
  • How you save: No more frustrating botched stitching jobs, and even the cheapest discount thread will behave like an expensive pro.

6. Repel pests

Mice, squirrels, and other rodents seem to have an inborn taste for electrical wires, antifreeze, and even vehicle seat cushions. But they don't like the smell, taste, or feel of dryer sheets.

  • What to do: If you place some dryer sheets around where rodents tend to nibble, they will flee.
  • How you save: In all kinds of ways…whether your vehicle is an antique or brand new, each and every replacement part is guaranteed to cost more than a whole warehouse full of dryer sheets.

7. Dust your house

Forget using (and washing) endless stacks of dust cloths, or spritzing dust-away sprays and wiping them up with paper towels. Just break out a box of dryer sheets.

  • What to do: Run the dryer sheet lightly over the dusty surface. The sheet will pick that dust right up!
  • How you save: You get to run fewer wash cycles, buy less canisters of dust-remover and paper towel rolls, and your house will smell fresh and clean when you finish dusting—no air freshener required.

8. Scrub, scrub, scrub

Do you love to recycle? Dryer sheets are a perfect candidate!

  • What to do: You can use new or used dryer sheets as a replacement for scrubbing pads to clean ceramic, porcelain, tile, and other household surfaces. They are very durable and long-lasting.
  • How you save: No need to keep replacing your worn-out scrubbies—just save your stack of used dryer sheets instead.
8 Surprising Uses for Dryer Sheets That Will Save You Money