1. Keep sand out with a fitted sheet.


2. Freeze aloe vera gel in ice cube trays for extra cooling when you’re sunburned.

Store ready-made cubes in a Ziploc storage bag so they’re ready to go.


3. Pull a sled filled with all the beach supplies you need across the sand.



4. Get sand off your skin with baby powder.

The baby powder will absorb any excess moisture—aka sand glue—from your skin.


5. Entertain the youngest kids with their own kiddie pool.


6. Lie on a yoga mat instead of a beach towel for waterproof cushioning.

Since yoga mats are waterproof, you won’t have to worry about lying on a damp towel.


7. Stay cool with a DIY sponge lei.

Soak sponges in water to keep cool when you’re on the shore.

Get directions here.


8. Keep kids entertained by making easy sand candles.

Dig a hole in the sand, tie a candle wick onto a stick that’s larger than the hole, then pour melted candle wax in it. Allow the wax to set for a few hours before digging up your candle, and voila! Your kids will be amazed!

Get more directions here.



9. Keep things in your cooler cold with frozen sponges.

Freeze a sponge and stick it in a Ziploc bag to keep moisture contained.


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10. Use King’s Hawaiian Rolls to easily pack a utensil-free lunch for a crowd.


11. Carry beach toys in a mesh bag so you don’t bring sand home with you.


12. Use plaster of Paris to help kids make a sandy handprint keepsake.

Take a zip bag full of plaster of Paris with you to the beach, and fill your kids’ handprints and footprints in the sand with plaster for a cute keepsake.

Get more directions here.


13. Create a mini pool with an old shower curtain liner.


14. Hide valuables in an empty sunscreen bottle.



15. Stay cool by spritzing your body with green tea.

Steep 1-2 bags of green tea in cold water and transfer to a spray bottle. Keep the spray bottle in your cooler until you’re ready for more sprays. The antioxidants in green tea will help your skin and keep you cool.


16. Give yourself a temporary tattoo with sunscreen.


17. Use a permanent marker to remind yourself when to reapply sunscreen.


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