Where are you headed on your next adventure? From spring break to a quick fall getaway, these travel tools and vacation packages start at FREE and cost as little as $49!


1. Get insider money saving tips with a free Disney vacation-planning DVD.

You’re never too old to grab a pair of mouse ears and go a little Goofy.

Celebrate your inner kid and sign up to get a free vacation planning DVD package from Disney Parks. You’ll get information on both Disneyland and Disney World parks, money-saving tips, information on surrounding hotels, and much more.

Click the banner below to get your freebie.

2. Visit national parks for free with an annual pass.

When you visit the National Parks website, you receive information on the coolest, most historic places to visit in the country! What’s more, you can visit parks for free on these days; or for $80, your annual national entrance pass gets you and up to three of your favorite adult people into any national park in the country (kids under 15 always get in free).

Camping spaces at national parks fill up quickly (especially on holidays), so book at least 3-6 months out.


3. Ramp up for a river cruise with Shermans Cruises.

We love that Shermans’ website offers a sweet Navigtr app that asks you 8 questions and then locates the right adventure for you!

An example? With all of the amenities of a cruise ship, river boats are even more engaging and personal. And instead of seeing blue everywhere you look, river travel means changing scenery around each bend. You can even see rivers foreign and domestic.

Get more information here, and score deals starting at only $45/day.


4. Grab a room with a mini fridge and microwave to save on food and drinks.

Wherever you go, request a room with appliances, and you have the opportunity to nosh the healthier stuff and save money by not frequenting restaurants and spendy cafes. Is there a grocery store or a fresh farmer’s market nearby? Make those your new best friends. Pack individual-sized protein and granola bars for an easy breakfast or snack you know you already love.

Ask for a coffee maker, too, and save a lot on your lattes over buying at local coffeehouses.


5. Get free travel tools from Alaska Travel.

If you’ve ever wanted to visit one of Alaska’s 3 million lakes, drink craft beer made with glacial water, or commemorate your trip with some legit Alaska Native moccasins, Alaska Travel can help you make it all happen. Sign up for their free travel guide and make your Alaskan dream vacation a reality.

Visit their site for a FREE travel planning kit.


6. Look for free and cheap attractions locally.

Pre-plan your adventures, and you’ll have the skinny on the cheap (or free) times to visit museums, national parks, zoos, and other attractions. Check websites and see when your best deals are (hint: it’s usually weekdays). If you’re traveling with a group, you might even qualify for a discount, so ask!

You should also write the city’s Chamber of Commerce beforehand and ask for free local coupons.


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7. Use Hipmunk to get the best deals on vacation rentals and hotels.

Hailed by Forbes as the “best travel site on the web,” Hipmunk exists to serve up the best deals across 1.2 million hotels and vacation rentals.

They even let me compare prices against other sites, like Priceline. Sweet, sweet transparency.

Score some great deals at Hipmunk, starting from only $148.


8. Score a free Disney Cruise DVD.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in a galaxy far, far away, you know Disney is a winning vacation option. Disney’s free DVD is a planning tool that showcases what’s included on a Disney cruise, an overview of Disney Cruise Line destinations, an inside look at their ships and ports, and information on dining, activities, staterooms, and much more.

From scenic Alaska to Star Wars Day at Sea, your crew is gonna have an adventure wherever you’re headed.

Grab your free DVD and see which adventure floats your boat.

9. Don’t buy these items at your travel destination to save over $30.

Sunscreen, beach towels, and flip flops are a bargain when you bring them from home. When traveling, beachwear and toiletries will cost you some serious spending dough. Also, consider bringing lightweight clothes (synthetic fabrics work best) and flexible shoes in your luggage, you’ll have more space for the stuff you need.

Save even more by skipping airport magazines and get a subscription to Texture for your mobile device instead!


10. Dive into curated deals starting at only $50 from Shermans Travel.

Want prices starting at only $50? Shermans’ expertly hand-picked deals mean you get to visit pretty cool destinations and enjoy curated trip ideas for everyone from foodies and grazers to nerdy star-gazers.

What’s even better, their active website means you get some pretty great listicles about why, for example, you should consider taking a train through the Canadian Rockies when you’re not walking around in the ocean.

Go here for more info, and pack your bags.


11. Take a hike. It’s free.

Not only is going for a walk through a scenic vista a free and exciting time for discovery, it helps you fight those vacation pounds from taking a tapas tour or sampling your way through local craft beers.

Hiking also gets you out of the more crowded tourist spots and into perfect picnic locations with your crew.



12. Grab Dunhill deals starting at under $100.

With prices as low as just under $100.00, we’re loving these curated packages and vacation steals put together by people like us who love a great deal! Save on car rentals, hotels, cruises, flights and more with Dunhill Travel!

Caution: their prices are so cheap, they’re only available on a first come, first served basis so we recommend signing up for their newsletter to get first dibs.

Don’t miss out!


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13. Bring your student I.D. and get discounts for museums, restaurants, and more.

Are you taking classes? If you have a student I.D., plenty of places will give you a discount, like clubs, restaurants, and other attractions.

For a discount card that also offers up party packages, spend at least $50 for the Panamaniac Club Card and save on activities, drinks, and other great stuff.



14. Get a CityPASS and save up to 50% off the cost of admission.

CityPASS bundles prepaid admission to a specially curated list of featured cities’ top attractions—based on annual attendance—into one easy-to-use CityPASS ticket booklet. Plus, it’s up to half off what it would cost to purchase those same admissions separately.

And, because CityPASS limits the number of attractions on each city’s pass to five or six of the most popular sights, visitors never feel the need to rush frantically from attraction to attraction to get their money’s worth.

See if your destination location offers CityPASS.

15. Haggle on VRBO or Airbnb for a better deal.

Hotels, schmotels. With VRBO and Airbnb, you can sleep in a treehouse, someone’s penthouse, or even a beach hut! To get the best deal, pick 5 or 6 rentals you like and reach out to the owners to see who might be willing to offer you a better deal. While not all renters will accept a lower price, some will—so ask.

Perhaps surprisingly, haggling is usually easier during the busy season when prices are higher than in slower months, when prices are already rock bottom.


16. Know when to buy the cheapest airline tickets.

The best airline ticket prices are on Tuesdays after 3 p.m. when they go on sale.


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17. Check Living Social or Groupon for activity deals.

Daily deal sites like Living Social and Groupon share dozens of discounted opportunities for activities, meals, and even spa services–at up to 80% off! Can’t tell the difference between the two? We find that Living Social’s site is probably slightly more selective about their curated offerings, while Groupon typically offers the best deals.

Sign up for email alerts from Living Social and and Groupon to get the best offers just for subscribers!


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17 Travel Tips & Tools for a Cheaper Vacation