I want to take my family on a vacation, but the thought of spending all that money at once makes me cringe. And as a KCL, not being able to save at least 50 percent with coupons has my stomach in knots! So I began the search to find a great way to pay for our upcoming family vacation to Hawaii without forking over several thousand dollars all at once. The solution? Travel layaway! LayAway-Travel.com is a user-friendly site to check out if you would like the option of paying for a trip over time without digging yourself a giant debt-hole.

Check out some of the benefits and program details of LayAway-Travel.com:

  • Submit your travel destination for a vacation quote, and then accept it by opening a travel layaway account.
  • Open an account as early as 365 days prior to trip departure.
  • Cancellation fees vary based on time frame in relation to the departure date of scheduled vacation, and not all vacation plans may be cancelled.
  • Two options are available: Book-Your-Vacation and Pay-As-You-Go.
  • The Book-Your-Vacation plan locks in your vacation price so you don’t have to worry about price increases.
  • Pay-As-You-Go allows you to plan for your vacation without committing to a destination or vacation type. You don’t have the benefit of locking in prices.
  • Final payment is due 30 days prior to trip departure.
  • Vacation destinations available to Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Europe.
  • Cruises are currently available ONLY through the Pay-As-You-Go option.

Visit Layaway-Travel.com to see if travel layaway would suit your vacation-planning needs!

Put Your Vacation on Layaway with LayAway-Travel.com