Not sure what your summer vacation plans should look like right now because of COVID-19? Well, consider planning around one of these hotels currently offering free $50 credits when you book a future stay.

The Buy Now, Save Later program will help support housekeepers, bartenders, concierges, and other hotel workers now and help you save money later when you’re ready to travel.


Buy a $100 hotel “bond” now, and in 60 days it’ll be worth $150.

These hotel bonds are more like gift certificates that grow in value. For every $100 you spend now, you’ll get $50 extra after 60 days. So if you buy five $100 bonds, it’ll be worth $750 this summer when it may be safer to travel.


Buy bonds directly from hotels around the world.

There are about 30 hotels participating in the program now, with more expected to join over the coming weeks. If you’re interested in booking a stay at a listed hotel, just hit the “Get Your Bond” button on the to email the hotel directly.

Participating U.S. hotels include:

Participating international hotels include:


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Make sure to ask about how credits can be used.

While it’s clear how much credit you’ll get after 60 days, what’s not clear is what the credit can be used on. Each hotel has different policies regarding use of the Buy Now, Stay Later bonds, so it’s important to ask about details up front.

For example, ask if credits can be used for room rates, resort fees, food and beverage, or all of the above. You’ll also want to ask about expiration dates.



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Hotels Are Giving Free $50 Credits When You Book a Future Stay