Depending on where you live, work, or like to hang out, finding a good parking space can be like winning the lottery. Now, a succession of new apps are capitalizing on the endless search for prime parking by permitting you to rent out a good space—or find and reserve a good space before you arrive. If you’ve ever caught yourself praying to the "parking gods" to find you a good spot—before you even exit your own driveway—these apps may be the answer to your prayers!

1. Parking Panda 

Parking Panda is a new app that makes it easy to monetize your great parking space—or find a great space before you arrive at your destination. For both drivers and space owners, you can also earn free parking when you refer a friend who makes a parking reservation through Parking Panda. The app works in 40 cities in the U.S.A. and more are always being added.

  • Listing your space: You can register as a garage or individual operator. You are then guided to describe and list your space and set your rates. You can change your status if your space becomes unavailable at any time.
  • Reserving a space: You can use the Parking Panda app to reserve a space and save up to 70% on the cost of parking. You pay via the app or online with a credit card and can use either your phone or a printed receipt to redeem your parking. Receipts are available online.
  • Registration: Provide a name/phone/email or login with your Facebook or Google+ account.
  • Payout minimum: After each rental period ends.
  • Payout method: Check at the first of each month. (Note: the site takes a 20% commission per sale.)

2. Park Whiz 

Park Whiz takes the stress out of reserving parking by facilitating space reservation in advance. There is a 24-hour, no-obligation cancellation window for any reserved space. For individuals who legally own a great parking space, signup offers the option to list that space and earn cash for each rental.

  • Listing your space: The app makes it easy to describe and list your space and set your rates. Once a driver reserves your space, they’re issued a voucher or pass. You can list your space by the hour, the day, or even the month.
  • Reserving a space: You can use the Park Whiz app to reserve a space with any provider. Once you have reserved the space you must print out your pass before proceeding to the parking space.
  • Registration: Provide an email/name/phone online.
  • Payout minimum: As each space rental expires.
  • Payout method: Check or wire transfer.


Rent or Find a Parking Space with These Free Apps