It's always the day before I'm heading to the airport that I start to think of my options about getting there. Will I take a cab and pay a ton of money, a shuttle and have to pick up strangers on the way, get someone to drive me and inconvenience them, or just drive myself? I almost always end up driving myself because it seems like the easiest choice. However, it's often the most expensive option because of parking prices.

So, it's almost comical that I found the BEST parking solution while riding in the shuttle bus to the parking lot. After a ten-day trip was about to cost me $132, I started checking my smart phone for cheaper parking and found an awesome website. I quickly did a search for the lot where I’d been parked for the last 10 days and saw that, through this website, it would only cost me $66. I tried to reserve it, and it worked! I ran into the hotel where we had parked, printed out my voucher and took it to the parking lot cashier. I saved 50% on my parking just by finding this website. Needless to say, I was thrilled.

Here's the simple process to save money on your next trip:

  1. Go to the CheapAirportParking website. They service 20 major airports and will hopefully keep adding more.
  2. Choose the airport and the dates of your trip. Tip: When you put the time of return, give yourself some extra time in case your flight is delayed. For example, if you’re returning at 1pm, write it as 10 PM to give yourself enough time to be late without being charged an extra day.
  3. Enter the promotional code: Cheapism for an extra $5 discount.
  4. Click on Search Parking.  You will be taken to a list of results that include pricing, a map to see the location of the lot, photos of the lot, reviews from other customers, services offered by the lot like shuttle times, and extras.
  5. When you find the lot you like, click reserve and check out. When you're done, you'll print out a voucher to take to the parking lot with you.

That's it! Use the money you saved on parking to buy yourself a souvenir!

This has been a guest post by Jenifer from Los Angeles, CA
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Drive Yourself: Where to Find Cheap Airport Parking