Take a look at these 18 travel tips from an experienced flight attendant that can help make your travel experience easier and more enjoyable:


1. Use twitter to communicate with airline customer service.

The quickest, easiest and most effective way to get in touch with an airlines customer service is Twitter.

Anytime a flight is delayed, send a tweet and you’ll be surprised to receive a response within 30 minutes or so. They can assist in booking a new flight, giving credit for that flight and more.

And remember, kindness is key.


2. Reuse hotel toiletries to meet TSA guidelines.

Most hotel toiletries are under the 3.4 oz TSA standards.


3. Use your flatiron to touch up wrinkly clothes.

Head to the bathroom before or after a flight and use your flat iron to quickly touch up wrinkly clothes.


4. Skip coffee, tea and tap water on your flight.

Planes don’t have access to groundwater in the air, so a truck delivers the tap water before a flight, and the storage tanks aren’t always thoroughly clean.

Instead drink bottled water or other bottled beverages to be safe.


5. Buy a sleeping mask and headphones from the dollar store instead of overpaying at the airport.


6. Carry your own portable battery charger to avoid fighting for space at a charging station.

Charge up your charging device prior to traveling so you won’t need an outlet to power up your phone.

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7. Pack essentials in your carry-on.

Pack hand sanitizer, Emergen-C, plus any meds you might need like Advil, Tums, vitamins, etc.


8. Store makeup and moisturizer in a contact lens case instead of bringing the whole bottle.


9. Ask for more than one snack or drink.

All-you-can-eat snacks?! It’s true! JetBlue offers unlimited brand-name snacks and drinks — so if you’re hungry, ask for extra!

Note: Alcoholic beverages are not free.

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10. Fight dryness while traveling.

Via BustleMost importantly, drink water. But also carry a small moisturizer, nasal spray, eye drops and lip balm.

11. Every hour, get up and walk the length of the cabin to prevent swollen feet.

If you’re anything like me, your feet get swollen during every flight. If you have a long flight, get up and walk the length of the plane every hour.




12. Avoid sitting in the window seat to prevent being cold.

That’s, of course, unless you packed an extra sweatshirt or blanket!


13. Use essential oil to mask unpleasant smells on the plane.

Dab a little essential oils under your nose before you get on the flight to mask body odor, foot odor or other stinky smells on the plane.

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14. Weigh your luggage at home to avoid up to $200 in overweight baggage fees.

Airlines typically have a baggage weight limit, and most cap you at 50 lb. per bag. Anything over that can cost you up to $200!

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15. Keep clothes smelling fresh with a dryer sheet.


16. Pack a pen if you’re traveling overseas.

You need a pen to fill out the immigration form. Flight attendants carry some, but not that many.


17. Save space by rolling instead of folding clothes.

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18. Pack snacks of your own to avoid airport prices.

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18 Travel Tips from an Experienced Flight Attendant