Coupons aren’t just for groceries and toiletries anymore. Krazy shoppers are using coupons for toys, restaurants, clothing and a host of other items. One of the latest business sectors to discover the value of coupons is travel. More and more, travel coupon offers are becoming available. Below are just a few places to look for travel coupons:

1.  Entertainment Books

All of the 2012 Entertainment books contain coupons for $10 off any American Airlines airfare (for up to six tickets) as well as discounts on several rental car companies (Hertz, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, National and Alamo) and discounts on vacation packages with and Southwest Airlines. They also have a hotel program, but I generally find better rates with travel sites like or by booking directly with a hotel. Where I think the Entertainment books save Krazy travelers a lot of money is with their city-specific discounts. If you are spending your vacation in one city or one region, these books are loaded with BOGO restaurant, museum, event and attraction offers. What’s more: you can view the discounts included in the individual books on the Entertainment Book Web site before you buy the book.

2. Free travel literature

All of the 50 state tourism departments publish visitors guides. (We recently posted a list of all 50 links.) Besides being great sources of information, many of these guides include coupons that are good for dollars off museum admissions, restaurants, theme park admissions and other attractions.


Travel coupons are popping up every so often on This past fall CedarFair amusement parks (owners of 12 amusement parks, including Knott’s Berry Farms, Cedar Point, Carowinds and Worlds of Fun in Kansas City) offered a $3 discount off of up to four admissions. More recently, a Florida travel company offered free nights in Las Vegas, cruise upgrades and car rental upgrades to those who made a reservation with them.  Look for more travel coupons on and similar sites in the future.

4. Facebook

The huge popularity of Facebook and the ease of setting up a page there has made it simple for even small travel companies to reach a big audience. Currently, Virgin America is pairing with Banana Republic on a sweepstakes that offers travel coupons even to the “losers.”  Other cruise, hotel and transportation vendors list specials on their Facebook “promotion” pages. Amtrak’s Facebook page is one good example.

5. Random Internet searches

If your Web searching skills are well-honed (and isn’t that one skill we Krazy coupon gals pride ourselves on?), then you can likely find coupons for restaurants and attractions in the areas you’ll be traveling. During a recent trip to northern Ohio, I was able to locate coupons for half-off dinner at a local pizza restaurant, $1 off a sightseeing cruise on Lake Erie and $10 off of a hotel near the people we were visiting. has a page of printable coupons good for everything from lodging to restaurants to golf. All Across offers similar coupons for the Lone Star State. Most of these Internet travel coupons expire in a relatively short time, so it’s best to search near to your departure date.

Where do you find travel coupons?

5 Places to Find Travel Coupons