Wedding season is fast approaching, and many engaged couples are working out the numerous details that go into planning a wedding, including where to register. I recently got engaged, and when it came to a gift registry, my fiancé and I realized that after having lived together for a few years, there really weren’t that many things that we needed. Plus, the cost of the wedding was already getting out of hand and we hadn’t even started planning a honeymoon yet. So we decided to register for it!

There are numerous websites where you can have friends and family pay for a part of your honeymoon: an activity, a dinner, part of the airline fare, one of the hotel nights, etc. These websites partner with thousands of hotels, travel agents and tour companies, so you have plenty of choices. The money for your gifts can be sent to you directly via bank transfer, or can be sent directly to the tour company. Most of the websites allow you to sign up for free, but there is a service and handling fee for each item purchased (much like paying tax or shipping). These vary by website, but usually you have the option of having it added to or deducted from each gift amount. It’s easy to register and just as easy for guests to buy something for you.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Create an account and set up your registry at one of many websites that offers this service, such as,,,,, or
  • Add items to your registry or personalize your own (personalization may cost you a service fee, so check this before you do it). If you’re not sure how much to ask for certain items, these websites offer suggestions and have sample registries for you to browse. Big ticket items like airfare can be broken up (if the ticket costs $1000, you can ask for 10 $100 gifts toward the airline ticket)
  • Use the website’s downloadable announcements, your wedding website, and/or emails to inform guests of your registry.
  • Guests purchase from your registry. Once they are on the site, they simply find it by using your name, just like any other registry. For guests who aren’t computer savvy, they can call a toll free number and make a purchase by phone.
  • Collect Gifts!

Other Tips:

  • Do your research. Check numerous honeymoon registry websites to see what packages they offer, what hotels they partner with, and what fees they charge, as these all vary from site to site.
  • You’ll be able to see who paid for what part of your honeymoon, so keep that list and use it when doing your thank you cards. Even better than the standard thank you card would be a picture of you and your new spouse using the gift that your guest helped pay for.  Of course, if they helped pay for part of your hotel room, maybe just send them a thank you picture with a view from the hotel room, not what went on inside of it!
  • Some guests are set on buying something physical, so have a back-up registry with the few items that you may need to keep them happy.

This is a guest post by Erica from Austin, TX
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Fund Your Honeymoon with a Gift Registry