I don’t take a lot of Uber rides. I blame my middle-aged sobriety and the hoard of kids that follow me wherever I go. But, when I take a trip like I did last week, all of that changes.

I saved $29 in seven days by Ubering with Ibotta. How? I found a bunch of overlapping rebates and bonuses and combined them with the $1 rebate on every ride.

First-Time Ibotta User Takes 7 Uber Rides
$1 rebate per ride via Ibotta
$10 Welcome Rebate
$2 Mobile Shopping Dash for Cash Rebate, valid through 7/6
$5 Uber Ride Credit after 3 rides, valid through 7/1
$5 Uber Ride Credit after 7 rides, valid through 7/1
$29 Total Rebates or Credits

1. I used my husband’s phone to sign up for Ibotta, ’cause I already have an account.

Whether you use your phone or your spouse’s, download the Ibotta app asap!

2. I took 7 rides over the last couple weeks, and I earned a $1 rebate per ride.

Open Ibotta before you’re ready to ride with Uber. Use the search bar to find Uber, and then click the pink “Shop” button, which will open the Uber app. Every time you click through Ibotta to use Uber, you’re going to earn $1.

3. I earned a $10 Welcome Bonus.

Of course, I’m already an avid Ibotta user, but my husband isn’t. I used his phone to download Ibotta because that’s going to earn an extra $10 welcome bonus. Keep in mind, you can use your existing Ibotta account to earn everything except the $10 welcome bonus ($19 in this case).

4. I earned a $2 Dash for Cash bonus.

Now through July 6th, get an extra $2 for completing one rebate from the Mobile Shopping category in Ibotta. Guess who is in the Mobile Shopping category? Yep, Ibotta.

5. I earned two $5 Uber credits.

Here’s where it gets interesting. When you complete your first three rides with Uber (via Ibotta), you’ll receive a $5 Uber credit via email. And then, when you complete four more rides after that, you’re gonna get another $5 Uber credit. Cha-ching.

6. I’ll continue earning $1 per ride indefinitely.

It’s true. There’s no limit. Basically, that means every time you ride with Uber you’ll be costing yourself a dollar if you don’t open Ibotta first.


Through July 1st: earn $29 when you download Ibotta and take 7 Uber rides



How I Made $29 This Month Riding Uber