If I told you that you could take your family on a radical road trip for $5 a day or less, would you think that sounds too good to be true? Indeed, one-way destination RV rentals trips are quickly growing in popularity as a thrifty alternative to traditional vacations. However, before you pack your bags and load up the family, there are some important things to consider before you sign on the dotted line.


1. Rent RVs for as low as $1 a day.

There are many different rental companies out there that offer these fantastic deals. Here is a compilation of some of the best and most reputable ones:

  • Apollo.com – If you live in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, or Las Vegas, this site has spectacular one-way $1 specials on their RVs and oftentimes offer incentives like fuel credits or travel allowances.
  • Jucy.com – They call these “campervans,” but they’re actually minivans that have been retrofitted with a pop-up tent sleeping area on top and a kitchen set up in the trunk compartment. If there aren’t current deals, just check back another time.
  • Imoova.com – Imoova offers one-way relocations of both campers and cars for $1 a night plus applicable fees. This option is perfect for bigger families where they want some additional space or an easy option to run into town for supplies without taking the big vehicle. It’s also for tent campers or road trippers who need a car but not the bulk of an RV.
  • Transfercar.com – This relocation service helps rental companies shuttle their vehicles between branches by renting both recreational vehicles and cars at $5 or less per day for one-way trips.

Though higher priced than the desirable $5 or less rates, RVshare, Road Bear RV, Do It Yourself RV, and El Monte RV are three other companies that offer similar one-way services at significantly discounted rates and are offered in a wider variety of cities.


2. Book quickly and don’t forget to arrange your return travel plans.

One-way rentals are super trendy right now, and reservations go quickly. Worst case scenario, you can be placed on a waiting list, which is helpful if your travel dates are somewhat flexible.

Since these are one-way trips, you’ll also need to arrange return travel plans. Some rental companies will offer shuttles to an airport if it’s in a major city, but this varies between companies. You might get lucky by contacting the rental company to see if they have another RV for rental going back your way.


3. Be prepared to drive the distance.

Most of these rental companies have pick-ups within major cities, so if you’re not near one of these origination spots, this type of vacation deal might not be for you. You should be aware that your trip cannot be partial. You have to take the rental the full route, from pick-up to delivery point as laid out in the contract.


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4. You’re responsible for any fees incurred along the trip.

You’re responsible for any fees incurred along the trip like toll road fees, campsite fees, and, of course, any speeding or parking tickets. There are also fees associated with “no shows” or for last-minute cancellations, usually within 48 hours of your contract date. Basic insurance is included, but if you’re in an accident, you’re responsible for any costs beyond that coverage.



5. Pay attention to the child restraint guidelines.

If you are planning to travel with children, there are specific requirements to consider before renting. In the case of Apollo, children under the age of 12 months are not permitted to travel in the vehicles. Additionally, there are child restraint guidelines that change depending on the vehicle model.

There are also driver age requirements that vary with each company. Generally speaking, an approved driver needs to be eighteen years old, and some companies require drivers to be twenty-one and have at least a two-year driving history. Several companies have a minimal charge per day for additional drivers beyond the primary.


6. Use the best tools to plan an epic trip.


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How to Rent an RV for a Buck