These days, airlines allow one free carry-on bag. And if travelers are lucky, they get to check a free bag under 50 pounds.

For a confirmed overpacker (read: me), that can spell trouble. Cosmetics, curling irons, hair dryers, clothing–it all takes up so much space! I like to look my best when I travel (hey, you never know if you will run into Ryan Gosling while grabbing a latte), but lugging a clunky steamer or iron in the suitcase is a giant pain. Hey girl, don’t panic.

Here’s how to get your designer (yet frugal) duds wrinkle free:

The Flattening Iron Method: Make sure the plates of the flat iron are clean since product residue will leave nasty stains on your shirts. It’s best to use models with adjustable temperature settings. Use the lowest setting for silk and a higher setting for jeans or cotton. Place the clothing between the plates of the iron and press gently for a few seconds. Reapply the heat as needed.

The Steam Method: Hang a garment on a hanger in the bathroom. Turn the shower on the hottest water setting and close the door (It’s a good idea to take a shower at the same time). Let the clothing steam for 15 minutes.

Hair Dryer Method: Apply a few drops of water to the heavily creased area with a spray bottle or damp towel and blow dry. The heat will turn the water into steam and release the wrinkles with very little effort.

The Burrito Method: Roll the clothing up tightly into a a shape like a burrito. Allow the clothing to sit for fifteen minutes. Repeat if necessary. You may prefer to spritz your garment with water before rolling if the wrinkles are especially deep.

Next trip, spend more time prepping for a potential Gosling sighting and travel sans iron.

No Iron? DIY Wrinkle Relief on the Go