If your idea of bus travel is the crowded Greyhound that you took back and forth to college or that smelly, European sightseeing bus, think again! Today’s motorcoaches are not only luxurious, they are CHEAP. Intercity bus travel also offers many fewer hassles than today’s airports and train stations. There are less security checkpoints, less waiting and no fees for checking luggage…and fares start at just $1.  You can’t drive for that!

Bus Companies to Check Out

Though Greyhound is still in business, numerous regional companies have emerged in the last few years and are offering them some heavy competition. Megabus leads the pack with extraordinarily low fares. If you live in the right area, you might want to consider this company for your next trip:

Megabus – The leader in affordable, intracity bus transportation, Portland (Maine)-based Megabus covers an area from Maine to North Carolina to the Mississippi River, with hubs in Pittsburgh, Chicago, New York and Washington DC. Most routes have at least one daily bus and sometimes two. A quick search found the following one-way fares (your results may vary):

  • Chicago to St. Louis – $18
  • Atlanta to Memphis – $1 (One Dollar!)
  • Cleveland to Chicago – $15
  • New York City to Washington DC – $7

There are dozens of Megabus city combinations, and all of them are unbelievably inexpensive. The modern megabus coaches all are equipped with WiFi and in-seat power outlets as well as restrooms and large panoramic windows.

In addition, Greyhound Connect offers short distance bus travel for as little as $15, and BoltBus connects Northeast corridor cities (New York, Boston, Washington, Philadelphia) for fares that start at $20.

By the way, in addition to being a moneysaver, bus travel is also a “green” way to travel. According to Greyhound, a typical 42-passenger coach uses three times less energy per passenger than even a hybrid automobile.

Have you traveled on Megabus or a similar, regional bus company? How was your experience?

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