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If you’re like me, traveling for Spring Break (or for Summer Vacation) versus tackling Mt. Washmore (laundry) pretty much means I’d rather enjoy my house from a distance (which they say makes the heart grow fonder #amiright).

So what’s the big fat hairy deal when it comes to Dunhill Travel anyway? And why am I using it to book my next trip to Vegas (what happens there stays on Instagram)?


1. Search Dunhill’s site and save 70% on your last-minute travel plans.

Dunhill Travel front page

Get your search on. No really. It’s okay.

Want to save more? First, sign up for emails to get the 411 straight from them. It’s nice to have someone else do the heavy lifting (chiropractor don’t lie). When I plug in the deets to search the deals, I get this pretty fab screen with great options—and even a tip. It also shows me I have hotel, vacation, and car rental options–and because it’s smart, it knows there aren’t cruises from Denver to Vegas (smooth move, guys). (Hey, I check for this stuff so you don’t have to.)


2. Dunhill is pure mobile friendly goodness.

dunhill screen shot mobile

Objects are larger than they appear on mobile tech.


I’m constantly on my phone, so it’s nice to have the site bookmarked for quick viewing. It behaves just like the regular site, but in a cute, little baby sized form that hugs your screen like the sunshine’s warmth. I even check their emails from my phone.


3. The site’s user friendly.


Thank you, technology.

Let’s say you want to fly American Airlines (you have American Miles, as an example), but the fare for flying at a peak time isn’t zipping your bip. All you have to do is change the dates or flight times and see how the numbers change. It’s pretty spiffy. The site remembers. Not in a creepy, restraining order kind of way, but it knows I kept choosing Priceline as my baseline for information and shifted that information to the furthest left of the screen. That’s pretty legit!



4. Save up to 70% and nab a veritable cornucopia of options.


dunhill airline brands markup

More planes than you can shake a stick at. Note: We don’t recommend shaking sticks at planes.

Where Expedia is known for its hotel inventory, and Orbitz began as a collective of airlines, Florida-based Dunhill aggregates the aggregates to score you the latest travel deals across a ton of networks. It’s one-stop vacay shopping. Dunhill shares deals from American Airlines and Avis to W Hotels—all with a click of the button (and they don’t forget your dates as you search for options). Truth? There are so many to pick from, you should grab a cup of java and enjoy the process. You do you, friends. You do you.


5. At the same time, you can limit options to keep things simple.

dunhill sites loaded tabs

Tabs keep things tidy. Unlike your room.


I get freaked out when there are too many options. Add that I’m brand loyal and have a short attention span, and I’m like, “Give me United Airlines or priceline.com options, stat.” The beauty of this software is picking only what you want to see and ignoring what you don’t. It’s like a salad bar. Filled with awesome.


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6. You can score last-minute travel deals.

Bali Travel Dunhill

Bali structures look mighty ticklish.

I’m looking at you, global adventurers! When you want to get away and you’re looking for general global hijinx, you can rely on Dunhill for places you can go for a lot less than you’d pay if you planned. Discover a place you hadn’t considered and nab some sweet postcards (and maybe some hotel soap).


7. Their website helps new adventurers prepare for travel.

dunhill blog tips

Someone out there cares. Like your mom, only not asking you to do chores.

New to the travel game? Dunhill’s always dishing the origin stories (we love origin stories) on things like less traveled days and how you can save extra if you head to Aruba on a Tuesday…or Vegas on Thanksgiving. #thanksgambling


8. Dunhill’s accessible when you have questions.

Their presence on social media leaves something to be desired (I love asking questions from my mobile phone as their latest deals hit my feed), but customer service is readily available through email and by phone. Their FAQ is also pretty robust.



9. Dunhill’s constantly updating the best deals.

Dunhill front page editor deals picks

Seriously. Do these people even sleep?


The Dunhill Travel team must be pretty caffeinated. Like a latte. (See what I did there?) This means the deals going up on the site are accurate and available. And because prices and offer details can change many times in just one day, their travel editors continuously update each offer. The result? You get the most current information.


10. Dunhill knows their ecotourism.

dunhill ecotourism

Touch the world (in a totally socially acceptably way).

Looking for an eco-friendly vacation? I totally dig Dunhill’s opportunities to go green when it comes to travel. The world is a big blue (and green) marble, and I want to get my eco-citizen explore on.


11. Dunhill has the 411.

dunhill blog

Food. It’s like my spirit animal.

Their blog is a pretty helpful spot for the latest info. With a few robust travel categories (my favorite is Travel 101), I can find out everything from the history of a region before I visit to how to bum a ride to the airport and keep everyone sane in the process.


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12. Dunhill respects your privacy.


Say, can you scare up some privacy over here?

Want to keep spam in the can? When you sign up to keep up on the latest deals, Dunhill Travel Deals promises they’ll never sell your personal information (and they won’t share it with marketers or advertisers).


13. Intuitive tips help you get the best deals.

dunhill tips

Site tips are like the sprinkles on the ice cream information sundae.

When I think I’m smart by just checking out the one travel tab, my little tip buddy in the upper right hand corner is like, “Dude! Our customers save more when they open at least 4 tabs” (my phrasing). Who knew?


14. Dunhill’s free info is like a hug for your wallet.


Or at least a fist bump for your bank account.

Dunhill lets you sign up for their newsletter or information for travel deals at absolutely no cost and with no obligation to buy. Ever. No pressure. None. Plus, the savings? It’s a little like the universe is giving you a colossal high five.


There’s the downside:


Okay. It’s not that bad.

This company’s still a relative newbie, ready to be discovered in the aggregate travel industry, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It means they go out of their way to help you out. Think about it: When you’re not massive, you have to focus on the customer service to differentiate.

In that way, different’s good, right?

Incidentally, I spotted some hot vacation deals:

  • 4-Star iconic hotels on the Vegas Strip (think Luxor, Hard Rock, MGM) from $57.
  • 7-night Caribbean Celebrity Cruise with Drinks (includes drinks, dining, spa credit,and upgrades) for $887.
  • Discounted Car Rentals Nationwide starting at $5.

I’m sold, and trust me, I’m so picky, I’ve turned down carbs before (#hipsdontlie).

Sign up to read about what they have to offer. You might always regret the carbs, but you won’t lament this company.


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