I love to craft. I love sewing, baking, paper crafts and just about any other creative outlet that I can find. Unfortunately, my love for crafts far outweighs my actual talent! Because of this, I spend a lot of time online trying to find answers to questions like "why did my bobbin jam while sewing suede" or the more worrisome, "why did my knit scarf come out looking like a big blob". As you can guess, I never found the answer to that last question. Fortunately, I recently discovered a great crafting resource for everything from jewelry-making and photography to quilting and much more! This new resource is Craftsy.com!

What is Craftsy?

Craftsy is a website that delivers online crafts education via high-definition video tutorials and workshops. At Craftsy, you can learn a new skill that you’ve always wanted to try, such as cake decorating or knitting or you can take advanced classes on a topic that you’re already familiar with!

Why should I use Craftsy instead of other online tutorials?

Okay, let’s face it – with one quick search on Pinterest you can pretty much find a quick online tutorial for just about anything – and they’re free!! Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how many of those free tutorials turned out to be a waste of time. Some because the instructions were poorly written, others because they lacked details or photos and some because, well, they just didn’t actually work! Craftsy, however, is a completely different experience.

One of the major perks to Craftsy classes is that once you take a course, you will have access to that course forever and can watch it as many times as you need to! I can attest to how helpful this really can be. I once took a personal sewing class in a sewing store. The class was great, the teacher was amazing and my creation looked awesome! Unfortunately, when I went to make another one the next day, I completely forgot how to do it and spend nearly two hours trying to remember what to do! With Craftsy, simply pull up the video and jump to the section that you need to review. You can even bookmark your favorite moments in the video – or in my case, ones that you know you will need to watch again!

Another plus to Craftsy is that if you get stuck or have a question, you can actually ask your instructor! You can ask them questions, participate in discussions with your classmates and even upload photos, which would have really come in handy with my wonky knit scarf! Being able to interact with the instructor and classmates and receive personal responses back, makes it so much easier to grasp those skills and not be left wondering where you went wrong. Additionally, you’ll also be able to access class materials such as patterns, recipes and templates anytime you need to!

Lastly, and probably the biggest reason to choose Craftsy over other online tutorials is the fact that these classes are taught by well-known, expert instructors. In fact, Craftsy has such famous crafters as world-renowned bakers Colette Peters and Zoe Clark teaching with them! And let’s face it, where else would you ever be able to take a class taught by Colette Peters for $20 or $30?!

Do people actually learn anything?

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical of the idea of taking an online crafting course – especially when they actually cost money. But after googling Craftsy reviews, I discovered that most people, including quite a few big-name craft bloggers, LOVE these classes! The majority of reviews raved about the pace of the classes, the fact that you can watch the videos over and over again, the instructors and the vast range of topics. And after viewing some of the creations that came out of these classes, I have to say, I was pretty impressed!

So how much do these classes actually cost?

Classes at Craftsy typically range anywhere from $9.99 to $69.99, with the majority falling between $20 and $40. However, you will often find Craftsy running specials for as much as 50% off! With a quick search, I discovered some seriously fabulous classes, including Homemade Italian Pasta (yum!), Gravity-Defying Cake Designs (say, what?!), Design Your Own Handbag (yes, please!) and Garment Industry Secrets – all on sale for half off! If you’re still unsure about shelling out your hard-earned money for classes, check out their section of free courses. Here you’ll be able to get a real feel for how Craftsy classes work and you can pick up skills such as how to take professional family portraits, sewing machine basics, knife skills and more while you’re at it!