Thanks to all those of you who voted in our poll, where we asked how you organize: Clipped coupons by category or unclipped coupons by date? I put this poll up for Heather, she files her coupons by date and she tried to convince me that it was the most popular way. We were both shocked at how wrong she was! Ha ha, sorry Heather, you know I still love you!

We Krazy Ladies that clip and organize by category outnumbered those non-clippers, organizing by date 4 to 1, with a final tally of 280-70.

For those of you organizing by category, are you using KCL categories? I’m looking for some feedback on the categories. I need to ad one for pet products, but I was wondering if any of you have made any other changes that you’d like to suggest! Do you like all 30+ categories or do you prefer fewer, larger categories? Do I need to ad, or subtract any categories in your opinion?