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Ever felt like this??

Where’s the balance between clearing the shelf and purchasing enough for your family’s needs?

Shopping like a Krazy Coupon Lady involves stocking up on an item when it’s at a rock bottom price.   So how can we do this and still be courteous to other shoppers?

Be a Courteous Shopper

  • Shop Early.  If you have your heart set on a sale item at Target, shop early in the week to have a better likelihood of finding the product in stock.  Don’t wait until the last day of the sale and get upset that the shelf has been cleared.  You might also consider asking your store manager whether they plan to restock the items mid-week.
  • Shop Around.  When there is a krazy sale on a product your family uses frequently, consider shopping around at different locations, purchasing a few items at each store.
  • Shop Often:  No one should build a stockpile overnight.  If you fill your garage to the rafters with food after couponing for only one month, I don’t want to hear about it!  Stockpiling isn’t a race!  If you purchase a 2-3 month supply of a product every time it’s at a stock-up price, you’ll have a steadily building stockpile.  Remember that this will not be the last time you ever see this item on sale.  Ninety-nine percent of the time the sale will come around again, and you’ll get another chance to buy what you need.

What is and What isn’t Shelf Clearing

If you have coupons for 3 items, and there are only 3 items left on the shelf, taking the last 3 is not “clearing a shelf”.  Clearing a shelf means finding a stocked shelf and leaving it empty.  If you find yourself quickly pushing your heaping shopping cart out of the store so that you don’t run into anyone you know, you may be a shelf-clearer.

Consider Special Ordering the items you need.

Here's how I special order:

  1. Before I place my order, I count my coupons. If I need more coupons than I have, I’ll purchase more from a coupon clipping website.  I always order coupons the first day of the sale to make sure that they arrive before the sale is over.
  2. After I order my coupons, I head to my store to talk to the "freight manager". I always try to place my "special orders" through the same person. Make sure you speak with a manager. The last thing you need is some punk teenager (said with all the love in the world–I love when the "punk teenagers” are my checkers! ) who will forget to order it, order the wrong thing, or forget to call me when the items arrive. Impress upon the manager that you need these items before the week’s sales have ended.
  3. I write down the manager's name as well as the day and time I was told to come pick up my items.
  4. Don't wait for a phone call.  They usually tell me they will call me, but I rarely get a phone call.  I just head in once I receive my coupons in the mail and I know my stuff will be there.
  5. Find the manager and be shown to the back of the store where you can pick up your items and take them to the register!
Special Ordering is a lifesaver!  Instead of sitting at home worrying that by the time you get to the store the shelf will be empty, you’re cool and calm.  You’ve taken the matter into your own hands and ensured your own success!