I am ALWAYS looking for deals on toys. This Christmas my son asked for some very pricey LEGO sets. Of course, a $100 Millennium Falcon was NOT in my budget. So I did what every Mom would do, I started searching for ways I could make his dreams come true without breaking my bank account.

I went into the usual stops for discounted name brand toys: Big Lots, Ross, TJ Maxx.  None of them had the LEGO Millennium Falcon he so desperately desired. So I hit the Internet with EBay and Amazon. Again: nothing! I was stuck. Then, quite by accident, I stumbled upon ThePlasticBrick.com.

Eureka! They sell used complete LEGO sets, which come with the boxes and instructions. The sets are guaranteed to be complete; in fact they come fully built. The site carries all different LEGO sets: City, Toy Story, Atlantis. The products vary day to day, and they don't have every set ever made, but they have a pretty good selection. They were even offering free shipping.

So for less than 50% of the price of the brand new set, I could get my son the one thing he really desired from Santa. My heart was beating fast as I whipped out my credit card to purchase it. He will never know that it was used, and I will get the satisfaction of seeing his face light up with the magic of Christmas.

This has been a guest post by Monica from Elk Grove, CA
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